Eddie Nketiah


Should be Auba or Laca’s back up.


Had an excellent game last night apparently. Hoping to see more of him in the first team this season. Strong start for Ljungberg in his new role too, 5 unbeaten and top of the league, only reading positive things about him so far.


Freddie! Freddie!

Eddie just seems one of those players with a knack for scoring


liverpool look shit lol


He could have done with a couple of goals at this group stage imo. Personally was hopeful of a bit more from him in these games.
Times on his side guess but not sure hes going to give us much if needed from the bench.


tbf he was playing on the wing


Fair one. Just meant over the 6 games just dont think we can call on him too help us out that much.


His best game was against Vorksla away, he didn’t score but played a very good match.


Havent been able too call on him in this period because hes way short of whats needed. Sad lack of depth when Welbeck injury hits us this hard.


Joining Jens possibly


Hoovering up English yoof seems to be the new thing in the BuLi. Good move for young Edward, nice town and just down the road from Munich too


Good move for Eddie, hopefully he score a few goals and gains some confidence as he probably be Arsenal 3rd choice behind Auba and Laca next season.


Seen nothing in Eddie tbh to convince me of anything other than championship club. Still wont do any harm him going out.


What’s happened here? Have they chosen Reece Oxford over him?


Emery blocked it as we didn’t get Perisic or Carasco