Eddie Nketiah


Just watched his performance video. He looks impressive.


kid’s fine tho. exciting prospect.


Did well in his cameo. So much better than Walcott.


He’s still a goal a game player as things stand!!



Ok calm down Eddie, jeez.


and wenger 2 years from now has him out on loan to some club like celtic, only to accept 1.5m for him.


Should be starting in the League Cup and Europe instead of Giroud.


Nice, can’t wait to see him go on a free transfer


Need to tie the kid down. 10 year contract, no buyout clause.



Wenger will ruin him. Need a proper manager to get the best out of him.


anyone got a clip of the goals and assists?


The tweets have the goals in them. Click the tweets :+1:


Wow! The kid is on fire. Shame he is becoming a winger for us :smile:




It’s the Faroe Island under 18s, worse than any PL under 18 team


Lol! Yeah, it is a new role Wenger does like :wenger2:


Back in June. Great movement, finish not bad.



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