Eddie Nketiah (actually not out on loan again)

Arteta seeing Eddie The Killah. It’s happening boys. We’ve got our Arsenal back.

5 million after losing value? That’s not too bad. I thought he would be worth that much right now cause he hasn’t really done anything at the senior level.

As for the comparison with Martinelli, I think Maritnelli has a more multidimensional game. From whatever little I have seen of Eddie, he does most of his business in the box and is more of a poacher. I think Arteta just wants options and Eddie, with his pace, gives him something to work with. It will be interesting to see how Arteta uses him, if at all he gets a look in.

Martenelli must have the fastest growing reputation in world football.
Another sparkling ten minutes at selhurst park to add to the portfolio.


Good news. I think Nketiah is a good talent and I’m excited to see more of him. I’d be very happy for him to stick around and think he’s got a bright future in the English game.


Martinelli has a long way to go. Eddie has further. And less time.

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