Eddie Nketiah (49)

Walcott is better :xhaka:


Great news :slight_smile:

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Wenger looked photoshopped lol!

Nketiah just produced a masterclass for England against Scotland in the Toulon Tournament to put us in the final.

Two goals and an assist in about 50 minutes.

High hopes for this guy.

Maybe @Luca_from_Italy can find the goals? Or are they too obscure?

Get this guy a new contract

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Hopefully emery makes use of him, after all he is there to bring through youth also and said he has an eye on a few of the youth players to build up for the 1st team.


You didn’t try much did you? :stuck_out_tongue: litterly just typed is name into twitter haha

someone tweet this to emery, dont want this kid slipping through our fingers he could be a really good player for the 1st team.

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Sanogo and Afobe were prolific at youth level to

Of course, i found them :wink:

1-0 Scotland

2-1 England. Some goal!

3-1 England. Fucking great again!

Sell Welbeck and keep him as back up.

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Scotland on the losing side again. What a big surprise @Electrifying and @Calum :wink:

He has far more skill than both of them and also he rescued us in the cup game too he plays well and has no fear either i think he is a different kettle of fish entirely.

Aye very good. You laughing at us from Russia yeah? Oh you’re not?

Didn’t think so :arteta:

So pipe down

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It’s my moment of glory. Let me have it! :xhaka:

England is arriving at the beach very soon though :wink:

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Actually I don’t think Nketiah has more skill than Afobe. Just like Afobe/Sanogo he had pace and power that dazzles at the youth level, which won’t make him stand out in the pros. Can’t see him making it here.

Typical case of fans hyping up a youth player hoping to god he’s the saviour that his talent never really justifies.

Nketiah > Afobe

Afobe was always overrated.

While I see your point about fans perhaps getting over excited by him (nothing wrong with that btw), how can you be sure his talent doesn’t justify it when he hasn’t even had a chance to prove himself. I know there have been others before him who haven’t live up to the hype but that doesn’t mean the same will happen in Eddie’s case.

Besides, one of the joys of football, and any other sport for that matter, is watching young players trying to make a name for themselves, competing against established players and proving themselves. So, it’s obvious for fans to get excited by our one of better youth players.

Guess no one has ever rated him, tbh.

A great little prospect and I look forward to seeing his development.