Eddie Nketiah (30)

Six yard box merchant. And even that wasn’t useful today.

People say certain players are “good squad players”, but today showed that these squad players are not even good enough to be that!

Whoever has the Nketiah contract extension to hand needs to rip it up.


Eddie is simply not good enough, and hasn’t been for a long time. Him and players like AMN, Nelson, Chambers, Soares, Mari and Kola don’t deserve to stay at this club any more. Forget about second choice or third choice, these set of players should never ever play for Arsenal again.


Well said . With a squad of players that you mention no wonder we’ve won fuck all .

How much is this fucker on :grin:

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Guys like Nketiah should definitely prioritise getting more money over trying to forge a PL career.

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True. Might only have one decent contract in him if he doesn’t improve.

Bundesliga has a hard on for English talent too so he could earn decent money and remain relevant

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The Danny Drinkwater method.

Hard to believe that clubs in Germany or France (at least the ones that might want Eddie) are paying more than Palace in wages.

His contract with Chelsea expires in the summer

Swindled them good and proper


Palace would be paying a fee plus wages whereas a club signing him for free will probably pay him a heavier signing on fee and wages


Se queda!


I’m surprised how long this shitter has remained at us tbh, frustrated I’m about to watch him start another game.

Another departure on the horizon

Off to Newcastle :wave:

Get it done.

That would mean another striker definitely in so good news if true.

So that leaves us with one striker then lol

3 CBs
1 striker
3 CMs

We’ve gutted our squad in the middle of the season where was all this movement in the summer?

Nketiah was obviously never going to be a fixture here so we should have gotten shot of him in the summer.

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Newcastle getting a freebie then?