Eddie Nketiah (30)

Arteta seeing Eddie The Killah. It’s happening boys. We’ve got our Arsenal back.

5 million after losing value? That’s not too bad. I thought he would be worth that much right now cause he hasn’t really done anything at the senior level.

As for the comparison with Martinelli, I think Maritnelli has a more multidimensional game. From whatever little I have seen of Eddie, he does most of his business in the box and is more of a poacher. I think Arteta just wants options and Eddie, with his pace, gives him something to work with. It will be interesting to see how Arteta uses him, if at all he gets a look in.

Martenelli must have the fastest growing reputation in world football.
Another sparkling ten minutes at selhurst park to add to the portfolio.


Good news. I think Nketiah is a good talent and I’m excited to see more of him. I’d be very happy for him to stick around and think he’s got a bright future in the English game.


Martinelli has a long way to go. Eddie has further. And less time.

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Scored a goal. Earned a proper title with squad number back.


Saka doesn’t play like 18 anos old and also doesn’t sound like one

Eddie is like 20 and 35 at the same time



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very articulate and mature :+1:

I hate to say it, but if I have this correctly, he scored an away goal, went on loan, came back and scored another away goal in less time than Laca’s last away goal.

In any case, he knows where the net is, and I love that. Black Mario Gomez imo @Persona


From a squad building perspective it makes the most sense to sell Lacazette, make Nketiah back up, give Martinelli the left wing, use Saka as his back up and sign another winger as competition for Pepe and Martinelli / use the money elsewhere.

Having said that exactly that is not going too happen.


Both Auba and Laca are gonna go so we need Martinelli to be upfront.
Definitely need a winger or Saka to rise up

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Really big fan of Eddie and I think players like him still have a very big place in today’s game. Everybody talks about how well rounded a striker needs to be but poachers like Eddie have movement some strikers could only dream of.

I’m convinced he has all the tools to be a big success in the game.


Haven’t seen enough of him but I always thought if he was that good, he wouldn’t keep getting sent out on loan. So I am encouraged by Arteta wanting to keep him at the club. I would like to see more of him in the premiership before being convinced that he is the real deal, and has a bright future.

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When you say big success in the game can you please elaborate on what you mean by that ?

He can have a big career in English football where he scores lots of goals and establishes himself as one of the better English strikers.

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At least one of them is here next season. I hope it will be Aubameyang. But I’m afraid it’s going to be Lacazette.

Q: Where do you put Defoe and Bent?