Eddie Nketiah (14)

AMN has reinvented himself in France, and Balogun made a name for himself as well (last season not withstanding).

I could see it.

Gorgeous part of the world too, certainly beats somewhere like Nottingham or Southampton lol


one of those ITKs say the Greenwood deal is off. Likely because of the push back and bad press they’ve got.

We might get cash money for Eddie. What a time

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I found Marseille to be really pretty. And playing in front of their fans would probably be a cool experience.

Apparently it isn’t Marseille that’s having second thoughts but Greenwood is the one that hasn’t made a decision yet.
I don’t think the pushback from Marseille supporters is gonna help convincing him.

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please ship this guy out. Him & Nelson. Their careers are at standstill + they offer nothing to us unfortunately. Hope we can get a decent sum for them both.

Looks like Mason Greenwood arrived in Marseille this evening. Our Eddie will have to find another club.

They want both. Auba is going Saudi.

Leave Nottingham alone please!

Rather be in Nottingham than a hellhole like London, that’s for sure :wink:

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Marseille paid £25m for Greenwood. Nketiah is by far a better player and should command a higher fee. Similarly to ESR, I think it is time for him to move on. He could do very well in France.

He’s honestly not better than Greenwood at all. I think Greenwood goes for more if he didn’t have the past issues.


Agreed. Talent-wise Greenwood is one of the best talents has produced the past decade.

His value tanked for other reasons.

I do agree with the sentiment that we should hold out for a better deal. Marseille paid Man Utd up and also agreed to a hefty sell-on clause.

Disagree completely. What did Greenwood achieve when he was playing? Nketiah is PL proven. Marseille can have him for £40m plus add ons and a sell on clause!

Anything in the region of 25m and that’d be fine by me.

Greenwood actually has more goals than Eddie in the PL lol


A damning indictment :smiley:


Marseille need to do us a solid. A cool £20m for Eddie would be mustard.

I mean, they’re spending £17m on Hojbjerg who is out of contract next summer ffs.

Eddie has to be worth around that. Surely? Somebody, somewhere, please? Can you hear me?


I’m an Nketiah fan but seriously mate, Greenwood is a much bigger talent. It’s not even close.

I want more than what they pay/paid for greenwood. Mason might be streets ahead but with all the baggage he has, nketiah should fetch more.

30m sounds good, about time we had some decent sales.

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