Eddie Nketiah (14)

This. Allot of fans were campaigning for Balogun but I think it’s clear keeping Eddie was the right decision. Arteta deserves credit.





Eddie gave Swift the Call Me sign and the rest is history.

Does he start tomorrow? I think he should for a number of reasons.

Taylor Swift’s boobies grown, aint it?

Sorry @Leper , I am not as mature as you think


Taylor Swift looks like Theresa May, each to their own.


I expect Jesus to start ahead of Eddie, but wouldn’t be upset to see Eddie get the nod

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I’m all ears…

He’s in form.
Is contributing.
He hasn’t travelled half way around the world this week.

I want Jesus starting as much as the next man but he shouldn’t walk straight back in.

He literally hasn’t walked straight back in though.

I’ve no problem with either starting but if it’s Jesus that’s no slight on Eddie and it’s not playing favourites with Jesus either. And vice versa.

I suppose two questions come into play here:

Does Eddie deserve to lose his spot?
Has Jesus done enough to get back in?

Different questions, but the two answers cannot be diametrically opposed.

I think they’ll share game time no matter who starts.

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Nketiah dating Swift?!

I’m not a doctor but I think you may have some vision problems.


So Eddie scored big already

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Have to say, I’m intrigued to hear a Taylor Swift song about her tempestuous relationship with Eddie.

Coming soon, Taylor’s own Red & White album.

Eddie to start and Jesus to come on from the bench, he needs to be treated careful after the injury


I think just from a tactical standpoint that might be the move. Let Eddie tire their defense with his work rate then bring on Jesus to twist them inside out.

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‘My vagina’ s in troubleeeee. Nketiah is in the room. ’

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Corrected for you


Seeing too many mins, need players healthy so he can truly be used as a rotational player, he ain’t cut out for playing this much in a team trying to win the EPL.