EA Sports FC


so many broken parts in this game.

I have Adayemi with 98 pace and not able to out run the CB in the game.

Van Dijk gets in the Team of the Year over Saliba.

De Bruyne in it as well despite missing 50% of the year.

Weird calls.

fans votes


if they just start now, it will be like a few years behind of EA, at least.

It takes a long time to develop a sports game, especially a game with such huge database.

True, but 2K are not exactly novices in this area.

They’d be a far more substantial competition for EA than PES, certainly.


I was gonna say their turnaround was seamless with WWE but I’ve just found that they retained the Yuke’s and THQ personnel that worked on the previous games.

Yes please to another serious competitor in this space. Didn’t even bother buying EAFC24 due to 23 being trash.

Interested to see how they manage the licensing element of the game, will we have Arsenal or will it be London Red?

Also, it wasn’t. When Yukes were dropped 2K20 was such a disaster that 2K21 was cancelled.

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I was talking about 2013 when THQ got bankrupt.

Also, didn’t they skip WWE 2K21 due to COVID or am I going crazy?

How long do you think it’ll take them to get a game ready from scratch? 3 years?

basically I am paying for learning the skill moves and get used to them.

if you don’t play and put it away for too long, it is difficult to catch up.

Nah. They released Battleground instead of 2k21. 2K20 was an absolute calamity of bugs and they took a year off because there was a good chance WWE were going to can them if they screwed up another release that badly.

As for the football game, if I were them I’d take full advantage of the FIFA licence and make the first game a World Cup game. Get the gameplay right and all the basics in place and build from there.


Great pitch.

I finally found a way to enjoy this awful entry into the series. Playing manager career as a manager. It finally has the functionality to actually watch games as a manager.

I haven’t got the time or patience for Football Manager these days so doing that and listening to some podcasts or something is finally a playable mode.

Not sure if they still have it but at one point you could simulate games and you had the option to intervene and take over the team yourself.

You can still take over but the gameplay is so awful the last thing I want to do is actually play the game.

The difference with previous versions is you can actually watch the games as opposed to watch a 2D sim as in previous iterations.