Dutch Eredivisie


I hope Bergy fucking elbowed him too. The prick!


Fuck them…Bring him home!!!


With all the reports coming in Bergkamp hasn’t been painted in the most cooperative role. Bit of a dictator/someone who pushes his will through and it seems to have cost two people their jobs (Jonk and Bosz).


WOW Van Persie still has it!


That woman at the end of the clip she’s hot


That is his wife, Bouchra.


It’s cool😎


Van Persie thinking about retirement because his body doesn’t really hold up anymore. I get the sentiment regarding him on these forums but as a Dutchman he’s part of the last generation of superstars we had. If he retires Robben remains our only one. And he’s close to retirement too. It’s sad.


Very sad. Gone are the days of the Fantastic Four :cry: (Robben, Persie, Sneijder & VdV)

Now we have Van Dijk, De Vrij, Hoedt, Dost (lol), Strootman, Wijnaldum, Depay (ugh).

Will we ever play another World Cup?!


You know Dost has retired right :sweat_smile:? I think Koeman will make this team solid enough to have a good run in the qualifications, yes.


Haha yeah, I think he’ll come round



Awesome :laca: :clap:


Very cool!! Good for them.

How’s Kasper Dolberg been? Has Huntelaar coming back set back his development?


Injured most part of the season, hasn’t progressed at all this term. Huntelaar has been pretty average too.


Pretty sad to hear that :sob::sob::sob:




That whole event was devastating.

That reminds me, there was a great piece in the Guardian about him last year, where they spoke to his family and friends after the incident. It’s long but it’s a really good (albeit sad) read.


I feel really old. Not only are the likes of van Persie and Sneijder playing their last seasons in professional football and have taken both a couple of steps down, but now van Bommel is going to start his first season as head coach of PSV. It’s insane.