Dutch Eredivisie


wait a damn sec, thought before it was more of like he will be brain damaged…now it is like IF he wakes up? Has he gotten worse recently or something? That sounds almost life ending that post they are pretty much saying if he wakes up at all he will be pretty much in a vegetative state. How did this happen though did he through a clot or something or have a stroke? They gave him CPR etc quite quick didn’t think he was out long enough to get his brain to be damaged in the first place.


That’s awful. Such a waste. :pensive:


Really nice gesture from the Ajax fans and touching reaction from his family.



So sad. Its one thing losing your football career, but to lose your life as well…tragic. Family must be distraught. Really does put a lot of things into perspective when these things happen.


He died?


The last report I read is that he was in a vegetated state with minimal to zero chance of recovery. Whatever life he had has now gone unfortunately, that’s what I meant.


Huntelaar is back :smiley:


Can we get him?


Heerenveen youth player of the month, Jizz Hornkamp :smile:



Ajax manager Keizer sacked, along with Dennis Bergkamp.

How dare they sack Bergkamp…


Nobody puts Dennis in a corner.


Let’s stone them.


Surely that should be written in Dutch law as treason? :gabriel:


The Ajax lot don’t seem unhappy with Iceman’s sacking. :eyes:


Sacked by that Manc cunt Van der Sar as well :sanchez2:

…And Overmars, rat bastard.






No need, obviously we all speak Dutch :joy:


No…Bergkamp is not Woest, Bergkamp is best. :bellerin:


He got fucking raging/berserk and called him names and cursed at him etc


You don’t speak dutch, you fake german.