Dutch Eredivisie


yeeeeeeeeesssss thats fantastic i hope he gets through this. I really hope something can be done to salvage a career for him too.


Great news!


Bloody good news that!

Probably career over now though, or?


Some of these conditions can’t be detected no matter how much checking they do.


cant they detect heart abnormalities erratic heart beats etc…swear there is some pretty advanced stuff out there now and I thought players get hooked up to these types of machines reasonably often.


If the anomalies exist when they do the check, sure. But something like this can just happen unexpectedly. even then though an irregular heartbeat itself wouldn’t necessarily be reason enough to stop someone playing.




Good news, but also worried about his brain functioning.






No words for this


wow :frowning: is that Michiel connected to the club in some way or is that conjecture on his part?


He’s translated to English what was put on the official Ajax site I believe.


wow shit, that sucks really bad, such a shame i was hoping he will be ok (even if he couldnt play again) was hoping he would do a muamba that he would pull through generally ok :frowning:


Terribile news :frowning:



Sad sad news for this kid and his family, it’s such a shame this his promising talent will now go unfulfilled.


Really hope Ajax will be classy and somewhat help the family finacially etc.


That’s absolutely horrible. Such a young age aswell.

Hopefully he can make some form of recovery :pensive:




His life is over :confused:


:frowning: Oh dear! :cold_sweat: