Dutch Eredivisie


How was he useless for Liverpool??


he was just a hard worker really, had nothing else going for him


I disagree, if he had nothing else going for him he wouldn’t have been valued by Liverpool, the Dutch National Team, Feyenoord, Fenerbache.

The way some speak about him make it sound like he played for the Bournemouths, Villareal’s and Schalkes of this world. He didn’t. So managers must have seen something in him, people like you don’t.

A lot of people disregard him for his looks and his clumsy style, but he has been of undeniable value for the teams he has played. I am an Arsenal and Ajax supporter, but I am first to admit that he has much more going for him than just hard work.


Whilst I agree with your overall point I reckon that’s Villarreal and Schalke are bigger clubs that’s Feynoord and Fenerbache though lol


Perhaps, but not in their respective leagues I think?

More wanted to illustrate he didn’t play for mid table clubs in the leagues he played in.

And if some of our players had even half the work rate Kuyt has, then we would win our league for a change.


Feyenoord is definitely a bigger club than Villarreal! Villarreal is a small town on the train line between Valencia and Barcelona, there’s nothing there!

Villarreal punch impressively above their weight. It lets not forget they are one of the smaller clubs in La Liga, and waaaaay smaller than the giants of Schalke, Fener and Feyenoord


In recent years Liverpool have valued so many average players and paid big money for them, aquilani for example so I wouldn’t really say Liverpool valuing him is anything to go by, and also I couldn’t care if a player wasn’t the best looking or not



Bunch of retards


Roda vs Maastricht?






Oh fuck!


Looking bad :confused:


woooooooooooow another heart attack i guess :cech: :santi: They all seem to fall to the ground in the same way.


just googled him and only 20 years old, really sad :frowning: hope he turns out alright


WTF is going on with this though. I thought all this stuff is meant to come out in medicals etc thought that was the whole point of them. Shouldnt this be coming out more before accidents happen, seems to be happening far too often for something that should be screened for?






what does that say? Is he ok?


“Praying for a happy ending” basically. They don’t know anything yet.


Er was sprake van hartritmestoornissen. Hij is stabiel, heeft hartslag & wordt in slaap gehouden.

It was Cardiac arrhythmias. He is now stable, has a heartbeat and is being kept asleep. GOOD NEWS.