Dutch Eredivisie


I don’t know. Very inexperienced. Last season they lost seven games in a row and he needed to call in the help of Dick Advocaat as adviser. He doesn’t seem like the most gifted tactical manager either (Advocaat f.e. said how easy it was too dismantle Feyenoord when they played Fenerbachce in Europe). He also seems like a very mellow person. Too mellow for this high profile job maybe (english press mostly)? I don’t know him personnally, I could be wrong about that. Feyenoord is a big job too, but as a kid of the club he has more credit with the fans etc.

Wouldn’t mind giving him a chance though in a couple of years, very likeable guy. Not a particulary good argument to want someone, but still :slight_smile:.


Odegaard :clap:



Van Bronckhorst and Feyenoord are currently taking a massive step towards their first title since 1999. I’d be really glad for him if they win the last two games too.


Feyenoord real close to clinching their first league title since 98/99.

Eredivisie has 34 games

Feyenoord play a derby away to Excelsior placed 13th, with nothing to play for. Ajax at home to already relegated Go Ahead Eagles, rock bottom. It is expected Feyenoord will easily win today though.

Matches have just kicked off. All at the same time.


Feyenoord losing 3-0 :joy:… Fortunately for them they will have another chance to win the league at home against Heracles Almelo.

(hopefully they fail)


Hahahaa shambles


They only needed a fucking draw. This is their only chance to win it now and in the future. Ajax has got a better team already.


TIL Dirk Kuyt is still a footballer.


17 years after the last title?


Pretty awesome for Kuyt to score a hat trick in the last game of the season to win the title for Feyenoord for the first time in 18 years.

If ever there was a game to retire on, that is it.




congrats to Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Feyenoord

Finally, the first Wenger era player to successfully transition to management


With Kuyt scoring a hat trick at age 36 to win them the title. Fuckin Kuyt :rofl:

Gutted for Ajax though. But, Feyenoord’s first league title since 18 years.


Didn’t see you posted the exact same :rofl:


Ajax shouldn’t be too gutted. They’ve a great young team that will regain the title in years to come. Grats to Feyenoord though


was useless for Liverpool but fair play to him, a hometown hero


I don’t know, was he? He is one of those players awfully underestimated by fans because he isn’t the most graceful player, but I think most managers value him a lot. Even at Liverpool at the time.

At least he runs and works hard.




Fucking Eboue!! Remember proper losing it after that. Such agony seconds after ecstacy :joy:


That was a fucking dive as well. Plus, remember Dalglish the twat telling Wenger to fuck off? :joy: