Dutch Eredivisie

One of the very best players to have ever worn our shirt.


My favourite Arse player of the Emirates era. The prick.


It’s upsetting isn’t it. The being old shit. :pensive:

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His last season with Arsenal is probably the best I’ve seen from a player during the Emirates era. Shame he was so injury prone before that. Top player and a great signing, shame he probably won’t be fondly remembered cause of his time with UTD. Also I don’t get the vibe from him that he loves Arsenal that much imo. He rarely ever mentions us. Could be wrong on that.

Although he went on to win the title with UTD, his best footballing year was his last season with Arsenal.


A bit random but everything around Arsenal would have been so different if they just won that 07/08 Championship. At least everytime I see shit about van Persie or Fabregas I think that.


Is that available in Ibiza @Bl1nk

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Yeah, watched most of it. Great party!

Playoff final for Eredivisie promotion. Crazy game. Go Ahead Eagles needed a win. RKC a draw.

Ajax brought Quincy Promes back to the Eredivisie for 17 million including add-ons. I assume this means Ziyech or Neres is gone.

Going to De Klassieker (Ajax - Feyenoord) for the first time, next season. :grinning:

Can’t wait :kos2:


I remember Channel 4 randomly showing de klassiker about 20 years back for some reason and the ad for it was something like “its Arsenal v united…if you’re Dutch”. No idea how I’ve retained that useless nugget all these years later.


It’s more like United - Liverpool. But yeah 20 years ago, Arsenal - United was probably the biggest rivalry in the PL.

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