Five stars on Telegraph as well


Guardian, Gizmodo and Empire gave it too marks as well.

I’m extremely excited.


I am very excited to see this iteration of Dune.

Still sad though Jodorowsky never got to make his version of Dune.

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Just got my tickets! Seeing it next Tuesday in IMAX3D.



I didn’t think it was getting released until October?!

Yeah US release date isn’t until 22 October. Not sure about UK though? Comes out in two days over here.


21st October for the UK but no cinemas are letting you pre-book yet.

Bond tickets have only just gone on sale today. So cinema will pre-book in a couple weeks time.


That’s so gash haha

Seems a hit so far on IMDB

Can you trust IMDB reviews these days?

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Nah not entirely. Lots of fanboys. It’s got 4000 votes already and I’m sure more than half of those votes haven’t seen the film. It’s on an 8.7 so far. Will probably drop to somewhere between 7.8 and 8.1 eventually.

I also look for reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, where it’s currently at 88%. Probably will get Certified Fresh.

75 on Metascore

Overall very positive.


Yeah agreed on the reliability but definitely music to my ears that it’s being received this positively.

The trailer looks absolutely incredible. Reply hope it smashes the box office and gets that sequel.


Can’t wait to see one of those huge cunt sandworms on the big screen. Review scores are very positive but I haven’t actually read any.

Still got a few weeks before us Brexit fuckers can watch it


It’ll be good, even if I am still annoyed that Liet Kynes was turned into a woman for no apparent reason.

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Yeah that caught me off guard as well. Diversity though I guess 🤷🏼

Plenty of strong female characters in it though

HR liberals at it again.


It doesn’t annoy me as much as what they did with the Dark Tower, but still. It’s not like Dune doesn’t have a good share of strong female characters.


Oh god I had forgotten completely about that. Feel like my brain tried to erase the Dark Tower from my memory. What a fucking abomination that was. How the fuck could you cast Roland as a black dude? Just…wtf.

I assume that’s the reason they decided to not include Eddie or Susannah at all to completely avoid the whole storyline which hinges on Roland being a fucking white bloke. Well they butchered the movie from top to bottom, so I’m just going to keep pretending that movie never happened.

I think they were just trying to avoid the whole Detta Walker storyline, which is terrible. The redemption arc for Detta/Susannah is one of the best things about the series.

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