Dune (new trailer)

Got a feeling this film is going to be a big hit.

Trailer will arrive in the next week or two. (Before September).

Please be good


Can’t believe how long we’ve fucking waited for this trailer.

I love Villenueve


Yeah it’s ridiculous there isn’t even a teaser out or anything. Just a couple of movie stills. The cinema release is in 4 months.

Latest rumours indicate the trailer will drop 21 August.

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That’s what my reaction will be when the trailer finally drops in 2033


Ffs you bastard!!

I got excited

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I literally started the book just the other day in preparation for the movie coming out. Want to read the story before it is adapted to the screen


Great idea. What do you think so far?

Not Long now till the trailer

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Wow that sounds like an incredible collector’s item.

Can’t imagine how expensive it must be.

Only about 50 pages in - find myself re-reading passages as places / people / world concepts are taking a bit of time to sink in. I’ve been reading it in fits and starts which doesn’t help - I’m going to set aside a good hour or two to work through it when I can. Will report back then friendo


@Cristo Have now read a bit further on, it’s starting to really engross me. Got to the bit where the Duke goes on his first tour of the dunes with Kynes, and how he decides to save the men instead of the spice on the crawler. Very rousing when it ends with Kynes reversing his original opinion of Leto by saying “I like this Duke.” The prophecies that Paul keeps fulfilling are building a lot of anticipation too, very well written. It’s weird the blurb tells you that the Duke is assassinated and that Paul has to flee - you’re waiting for the inevitable to happen. I suspect that Leto doesn’t truly die but they perhaps fake it to keep a surprise later on in the book? Time will tell.

An excellent read so far and I find myself making time to read more and more of it.


Reports are that a 1 minute and 37 second teaser will play before theatrical screenings of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which releases on August 31st. It’ll then be dropped online on September 9th.

Seeing Tenet tonight, so I’ll get to see the teaser as well! Excited!

Ahh that’s a great scene to be fair. Surprised you’re only so far into the book, you’ve got a lot more shit coming your way bro but literally only in the best way possible.

It’s a dense read but it’s just incredible the entire way through. Where are you at now?

Also heads up, @Bl1nk, full trailer drops 9th September!


Yup! Can’t wait mate!!

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Yeah, bit further on now Leto got got by the bastard Harkonnens. He’s definitely done out here.

Its not a particularly long book, about a third of the way through now. Already looking forward to how the film depicts the mad landscape (and the gigantic fucking worms!!) and weird technology (like suspensors and snoopers etc.). The cast looks very interesting - Oscar Isaac as Leto seems a good fit.

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It isn’t a long book!!

It’s only 3-400 pages long, if even. I understand it’s dense but I don’t feel like it would be that hard to get everything into one 3 hour film rather than doing two 2.5 hour films which is what is happening.

Maybe that’s for the better though, that that’s how they’ve done it.

Though making The Hobbit into 3 films definitely didn’t make it better haha

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I just finished book 1 actually. Paul suddenly starts seeing all the possible futures, and drops the bomb that the Baron is Jessica’s father and therefore Paul’s grandfather. Pretty huge revelation - was not expecting that.

In true Hollywood fashion, I suspect they will drop that bomb at the end of the first film, delaying the truth rather than following the timeline of the book as strictly. Not such a bad idea if there will be 2 films tbf


This film is going to be awesome

Look at this sandworm!!