Dundalk Vs Arsenal (UEL)

Thursday 10th December
Group Stage Match 6
The Aviva Stadium
KO: 17:55

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  • Loss
  • Draw

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Who cares


Another fantastic something something.

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We are gonna shit on them. And then the usual suspects will be in here telling u to trust Arteta’s process cuz he’s such a winner :joy::joy:

Fuck Dundalk.


I thought for a sec this was a thread for the FAI cup final which I’m just watching now.

C’mon the Hoops!!!


Don’t care

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After to keep that win % above 50 %.

Arsenal 2-0.

All I know is Dundalk must be praying that we don’t sack Arteta before this game, that gives them a great chance of a result…

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Well Dundalk won the cup so decent chance they are all still pissed Thursday. Don’t be surprised if we finally pull off the 6-0


Basically then we have an Anglo Irish cup winners cup tie. 4 0 win and Pepe scores them all.

We’d have 18 points in the Europa League by Thursday and 13 points after 11 games in the league. That’s terrorism.

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It’s nice to watch these games cause all these sides in this group makes us look like prime Arsenal lol.

I would give Balogun a run out, I think we might need to start given him game time cause Nkeitah is a championship striker imo. I like Smith Rowe to play in this one too and give Pepe more game time. We will win this but who cares really at this point we’re already through. Nelson and Maitland Niles should be starting and then be playing on Sunday, I swear if he picks Bellerin again I go mad lol.

I hope we lose.
If it means Arteta will get the sack, that would be a great result.

You hoping for this to be version of Emery’s Frankfurt result?

In that game we hadn’t qualified for the next round yet, whereas this is another dead rubber.

If he wanted to, he could go against his instincts by picking an 11 whilst blindfolded, then lean back in his chair all game. That’s how low the pressure is on this match.

Burnley is more critical

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You’re right but losing to Dundalk and Burnley in consecutive games, as well as being near the bottom of the PL is enough for any club owner to start realising that something has to give.

If we lose to fucking Dundalk I am done watching Arsenal under Arteta. 🤷🏻


I can see people are chomping at the bit for this one.

Out of curiosity @shamrockgooner, how far is Dundalk from you and would you have gone if crowds were allowed at capacity etc ?


Being moved to Dublin anyway. So I’d say that would of been a yeah.

I think Arteta will put out a weak side knowing that, if we lose, he can just say it’s a meaningless game that we didn’t need to win but, if we win, he can say we’re back on track.

It’s the Burnley game that will be the most important of his pathetic career as a manager.