Donations gratefully received

I donated for the first time recently, I think it’s fair enough for all the use and insight i’ve gotten out of this forum since I joined.


Thanks for contributing mate, it’s very much appreciated :+1:

Any other option apart from Paypal.
For some reason, Paypal doesn’t take my card.

Not sure actually @Shill

The only account really is the paypal one. I’m unsure why it wont take your card, normally when paying by paypal you dont even have to have a Paypal account you just put in your card details and it’s authorised and done.

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Paypal blocked it but i will be trying the card detail option outside. Just being lazy

Donated yesterday. Far better value for money than The Athletic.:upside_down_face:


Thanks Stroller, much appreciated

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@Calum can’t believe that his site is still free!

Thanks for the donation mate :+1:


I don’t mind paying for stuff I enjoy haha if OA ever done it I’d pay it no question aswell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Had to get a new credit card as Paypal was being a bitch with the last one.
I was meant to make this donation last year so will make another in couple of months


Many thanks Trion, much appreciated

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you guys missed out on making money from Cal every month, could have set it up to charge for OA but instead of only made it for him, without letting him know :slight_smile:

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