Don Raul Sanllehi

Talks the talk with that weird fucking voice but he ain’t walking the walk.

Looking at that interview and his performance to date. He’s a fat complacent lazy slug of a man with shit for brains. Fuck knows how we kept him and lost Mislintat.

Raul looks more of a coach than Unai.
Do we have our own Perez the puppeteer and Zidane the puppet in Raul and Unai?

He looks like a coach because of the shirt he’s wearing?



You’re a muppet.


RRRaul’s got a fucking mullet. The absolute gall of it.

Our club feels like it’s gone from Winston Chruchill to Pablo Escobar in the past decade or so lol


Except Pablo would have been splashing the cash on some signings. :santi:

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Supporters Q&A Tweet dump


Cheers! Good reading

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Nice one @sevchenko


Great work @sevchenko, getting all that information.
It’s an interesting, if predictable read.

Everything they say is what supporters want to hear, from understanding the frustrations of supporters, to telling us that they are going to do something about it, and we want to win the PL and CL.

We hear it every season.
Why would this season be any different.

The nonsense about, “it can’t all be done straight away.”
The supporters aren’t idiots, we know that.
But since Kroenke took over it’s got worse.
If he is so keen for us to get back challenging for the PL and CL, he wouldn’t be haggling through almost the whole transfer window for a LB who no other club is interested in, for 25m.

What business have we done in this window?
A loan signing, a CB for next season and a youngster who has potential but isn’t going to be ready for the PL.

By any stretch of the imagination that is an appalling state of affairs, especially for a PL club that insists we are ambitious.

But that’s the problem.
We aren’t ambitious and that’s why we have these Q and A charades, where the board pretend to care and give us the same rhetoric we’ve all heard before.
In reality they are just going to do the bare minimum,.

That’s all they need to do because there are so many supporter thats are willing to tolerate the mediocrity and complacency they are served up.
The board absolutely love that, as it means they can keep on serving up the same mediocrity and complacency, knowing the supporters will continue to tolerate it.


Yeah it’s similar to Newcastle. Spin the fans a line - keep paying huge prices for your tickets, shirts etc. Serve up shit year after year and hope the blag gets away with it. Treating fans like addicted mugs who will swallow the poo year after year.

Sanhelli is a lazy fat slug - can’t be bothered to get in the detail and drive real change. Always excuses for not delivering the change in the squad that’s needed. Belatedly employs Edu too late to save the window and do his job for him. It’s all BS. I can tell you already that Sanhelli is no good - even worse than Gazidis by the looks of it.

Pleased I’ve voted with my feet this season.

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Hopefully Edu will be good. Sorry he had to witness this today.

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The comments underneath that tweet are telling lol

Even DT of all people calling out some of the supporters who attended


Fans need to be patient. Its only one year since we fully changed. The club is still being moulded for the better.

Some our fans are fucking brainless cry babies it has to be said.


I’m fine with the fans showing their discontent.