Domagoj Vida


What Mustafi showed last season, leads me to believe that he won’t get any better, the guy is a lost cause, you can’t coach those brainfarts out of him.


We’ll find out definitively on Mustafi this season, or it’s what @wilshambition has said or he’s a victim of playing under Wenger/had his case aggravated by Wenger. It’s really up in the air, this is a case where we do in fact need to wait and see and get more informaton :grimacing:


I’m willing to give Mustafi a chance in that a chance to improve his value to potential suitors so we can ship him out next summer as having him start as CB for us for the foreseeable future? Fuck that


The good thing is if he can coach the rest of the team some shape and tactical discipline then Mustafi may not be put in to so many potentially brainfarty positions.


Maybe Emery can teach him how to defend.


Arsenic is the worst. Just regurgitates shit sources. Will say a deals done and off in the same day. Done it multiple times. Literally just a twitter search engine piece of shite.