Domagoj Vida


This is like being back in 2012 when all them Arabs came and took over OA :joy::joy::joy:


Awful time. They kept posting hearts in their :heart::heart: unreadable posts :heart::heart:


Man, after you guys were talking about those crazy Iranians, I searched them up on the old forum, that was a hilarious fucking night looool.

DW lads, I was just praising the lord we weren’t getting another old bum


When did you join OA again elec?




Can anyone remember why they all turned up?! :joy:


Yeah. I made a post on our OA Facebook (don’t remember which one) and it went viral in that continent.


:joy::joy::joy: screaming. OA going viral in Iran


Yes, I just meant in a pivot, I agree he could definitely play in a three man midfield.

I didn’t have the time to respond to a previous (good) post of yours on this and then let it slip. But I don’t think we see eye-to-eye on how Emery is likely to lineup. My suspicion is that Emery will play 4-2-3-1 a lot, maybe 4-3-3 in tough matches, and I don’t see room for Ramsey in the 4-2-3-1 lineup unless somebody is hurt/rested. But I may be wrong and you may be right that 4-3-3 is the most common setup, with Ramsey in the three.


Erdogan mate, think you missed a couple fraudulent journalists in your last purge, get these pricks sorted before they give me another heart attack with these Vida rumours.


If Ozil wasn’t here I’m sure Emery would love Ramsey but I can’t see him taking that position because it would mean Ozil on the wing or the bench which could happen occasionally or if we have injuries but I doubt Ozil doesn’t start the majority of games as the superstar playmaker in the middle.

You probably know more about Sevilla in his time than I do but he squeezed guys like N’Zonzi, Krykykykciak, MBia, Iborra, Banega into midfield together so I could see him trying to go boring again and having interest in someone like N’Zonzi but I think Ramsey will get that position next to Torreira on the basis that he’s probably the best player of the available options.

It’s a shame for him because I think he could flourish in that kind of role. That’s why I could see him being a Mourinho-friendly Pogba replacement at United.


Eh, I don’t think Emery will really think of it as ‘on the wing’, it’s just one of two advanced playmakers. But yeah, it’s why I’ve always said Ramsey was the one who stands to benefit most from Emery’s hiring, I don’t really see it being good news for Özil. Like I said, maybe he will try early on to comply with the attacking mandate, but like any other manager he will soon enough revert to who he actually is, and for me that’s a manager who’s certainly going to play a Xhaka-Torreira-Ramsey trivote with three attackers ahead of them, or occasionally even a cuartote/trivote + auxiliary wing back and two attackers when he feels he’s up against it.

I am pretty certain, also, that Xhaka will be a fixed part of the XI, as he was under Wenger.

Look at some of the formations he played for PSG; you don’t go from sitting/discarding talent like Di María, Guedes, Pastore, Draxler etc. to squeeze in Krychowiak and/or Matuidi against Ligue 1 opposition to come to Arsenal to accommodate the likes of Mkhitaryan or Iwobi, or perfectly accommodate Özil (who in the end is the same level of talent as Di María, lest we forget Di María’s quality) at the expense of a player of Aaron Ramsey’s calibre, against far superior Premier League opposition.

I mean, we needn’t look much further than his choice for the first leg against Madrid; this was when he had his full team available to him, and really wanted to go for it-- it was a trivote + three attackers with Di María, who was on fire in the league at that point because Mbappé/Neymar had been out with minor injuries (which was the only way Di María got into the first choice lineup, note–not through a change in formation to a 4-2-3-1 unless it was a game of much lesser priority), dropped for Lo Celso to play in the trivote. I just don’t see the precedent to think Emery is suddenly going to be a guy that prefers the 4-2-3-1, the precedent is all on the other side.


Hopefully Welbeck.


Allah Akbar.




Now that Dembele is done, C’MON BOATENG!!! Ffs give us something to cheer about on deadline day, supporting Arsenal is hard.


Thank f*ck this isn’t happening! Dodged a bullet here I think.


We talking about the same Boateng?!


I’m willing to give Mustafi another chance


Me too. There’s a good defender in the somewhere. Maybe with a bit of leadership from Sokratis and Lich he will find his game again.