Domagoj Vida


Not to mention Mustafi’s a walking cluster fuck as it is.


With the money we have, I can’t see anyone good coming tbh. That Sokratis transfer still pisses me off tbh, but if we can’t get anyone else then I can understand it.

If we were to get Vida for say, £20m it would have been better to not get either and use that £35-40m on one genuine top class CB.

Better to keep that money, and see if we can somehow enter the CL or get more revenues and go big for a proper CB in Jan or something.

But it’s better to just assess where we are with the CBs as there are so many and they are all dodgy so.


Sokratis, Mustafi, Vida. This club is just banter. :unai:


I don’t know if £35-40 buys you a genuine top class CB these days, unless its a player that has run down his contract or has some other reason to be priced artificially low. Look at the recent transfers to Premier League clubs of top players. Van Dijk cost £75M, Laporte £57M, Spurs bought Sanchez (not a genuine top class CB by any stretch at that point) for £42M, United is reportedly considering paying like £65M for Maguire (also not a genuine top class CB in my opinion at least), etc.

Its easy to say you should buy quality but established quality is very expensive.

The problem with Arsenal is that Wenger left us with so many huge holes to fill on the roster. If you just need a couple players then you can focus all your resources on buying quality, like Liverpool in recent years. But when you have no decent goalkeeper, no minimally capable and experienced CBs, no high quality CMs other than a player (Ramsey) that wont play CM under your new manager, no backup RB then you can’t afford to spend all your money on 1-2 players.


No chance we are gonna offer 26 mil for him. Just no fucking chance.


Welcome back, you german :xhaka:





Fuck it. Let’s go for him. Whatever it takes to not have play the old Monreal (or insert other non CB) at CB game that we’ve been playing for as long as I can remember.


Why the fuck aren’t we in for Alderweireld


Uninspiring, I suppose the other thing is I don’t know why we didn’t go for Evans (for 3million was it not?), if we’re going to get this type of signing, least evans play day in and day out in the league we’re in.


By medical, they mean ‘getting a hair cut’ right? Or is that part of the medical?



Arsenic is unreal haha. runs arsenal twitter


Fuck it, guess we should probably go all out for Boateng tomorrow.


No brakes for Arsenic until the window closes haha.




I’m confused as to why you are stating this as fact. I think you’re going to be rather surprised, would bet a lot that our preferred XI includes Ramsey as the third CM in a trivote. Unless you are using the word CM to refer exclusively to CMs in a pivot…


شوكر الحمرالله


Discourse needs a translate option like Twitter has.