Domagoj Vida


:thinking: Is this really happening?!




Hopefully a bullshit.


Another uninspiring lack of ceiling signing for a club that seems content with Europa League football, hopefully it doesn’t eventuate.


So maybe it wasn’t all down to Wenger :wink:


I never said it was, I’ve always maintained that I hated our ownership/ board.


Maybe they’re just sightseeing…


Good. Let them get him.


Another tough nut by the looks of things .
Hope this goes through.


Not really excited about this signing. Maybe if we signed him instead of Sokratis it would have made more sense. Also incredible to think we’ll still have Mustafi on the books when the window closes!



I’ll take that tbf, what about you?


I would be happy with that.

CB is a position where you just can’t afford to be catastrophically bad. Everything else you’re trying to do as a team is meaningless if you leak bad goals through shit CB play.

In an ideal world, Chambers/Holding/Mavropanos would be elite prospects ready to step up and play big minutes in big roles this year, so that we wouldn’t have to buy the likes of Sokratis and Vida. Maybe Emery just isn’t a good judge of talent or unwilling to take risks with them. On the other hand, maybe we’re not living in an ideal world. Maybe Wenger did fuck all to develop these young defenders in his last years, so that they’re currently nowhere near the level of players that we could rely on to carry the side through a series of tight Europa League ties. And if we’re living in that world, then I’d rather it be Sokratis and Vida in the back than Mavropanos and Holding when we’re trying to hold onto a one goal lead away to a tough side next spring.


Over 26M?! :neutral_face::no_mouth:


I’m having chest pains!


Can’t be the only one thinking that Vida being the answer to any problem we have is some sad shit.

Would rather we go for the likes of Tarkowski.


DW lads, he later said Arsenal are done for the window.

Also, the club is far too broke for that kind of money being spent.


That’s just as bad tbh.


It would have been fine had they not laoned out Chambers and sold Mustafi but alas.


Yeah, if either Paps or Mustafi is injured we’ve got some green defenders to step in.

As it is we’re an injury away from a cluster fuck.