Do Arsenal have the best squad in Premier League?


like every position is covered with a quality replacement. obviously it can still be improved but do you guys think we have the best squad depth wise ? i certainly think so and i think this could be very crucial for the later part of the season when main players get tired or lose form.


We don’t have the best players in every position but yes our squad is currently the ne of the best in the league despite some protestation; but in saying that the quality doesn’t drop by much from the first 11 to the bench except ozil and Sanchez.


We’re certainly improving the fastest, no team has had the same player progression and squad improvent since we started shopping (naturally since we started a couple of steps below the rest). No club can imo compare to our success rate with big buys adding Cech, Özil, Sanchez, Mustafi and Xhaka.

City would be the toughest contender for me but their squad cost still cost a bit below twice as much as ours (valued only 10-20% more though lol) and is pretty solid in many ways I think. Chelsea debatable but I’d say we have the edge, pretty sure we outclass Liverpool, United and the Scum by a bit.


Yes, we finally seem to have a good depth everywhere. For example, who would have thought Gabriel was a good full back?


Chelsea have at least as much quality in the first XI but less depth, which doesn’t matter so much because they’re not in Europe.

I think City’s squad has more quality but less balance. Their defense and keeper situation is shocking.

United probably has as much quality as us but the pieces don’t fit together well.


This is right on the money.


United have many overrated players, imo. Only 3/4 would get into our team.


I think the situation is that we have ‘squad’ players like Oxlade-Chamberlain, Perez, Gibbs, Gabriel, perhaps Elneny that all seem to coming into form or at least playing well over the last month or more, which is masking the idea that we do have a bit of an inevitable drop off between our two world class talents Ozil/Sanchez and the rest in an attacking sense. Coquelin is definitely playing at a good level, Xhaka’s last few games have been his best since arriving, Iwobi also looks better after a ropey start to the season. Giroud’s impact off the bench has been about as good as it gets.

So some of our ‘lesser’ players are pulling themselves upwards towards the levels set by Ozil/Sanchez. I think if the best squad won the league it would be City’s to lose.


Without sounding too arrogant.but yes by a lot. Many times we have won games using subs, Chelsea only have a good starting team.


Just as well for Chelsea then they usually seem to have an impeccable injury record season after season.


We definitely have the best midfield quality and depth, and the defence is ok as well.
If Sanchez is the new striker, then Giroud is perfectly good as cover.
So overall, apart from Chelsea, the balance and strength depth of the squad is great.
All we need is maybe just a world class winger or CM to replace Cazorla and we will be competing with the best in Europe in terms of players and depth in the squad.


Apart from our wiings & yet to find balance in midfield, the squad is quite good.

But best, nope.
I am quite jealous of options that City have.


No, but we are better covered than we have been for quite a few years.


Our team has bags of potential. On paper I think our squad is superior to everyone in the prem. However we’ve got a mental block that keeps us from being successful.


I wonder if the block is still there? We have a few new players who lead the troops, Sanchez, Cech, Cazorla and the Germans together have won the WC, the EUROs, Copa America, PL, La Liga and CL between them, add a few smaller league wins by others. But top contenders fail to win every year. The PL and CL have 2-4 teams every year looking like winners but in the end only one will and the others will fail.

Right now the top 4 table teams can all win the league imo. City and Chelsea may have better odds than us and Pool today but that can shift quickly, 2 bad games in a row or a couple of good h2h can quickly put you in or out of it. Look at City under Pep (whose junk half of OA had down their throats 3 months ago), after a 6-game streak without a win and his latest top h2h losses to Spurs, Chelsea and Leicester, he could still sort things out and win the whole thing imo. Chelsea who started out weak, got thrashed by us and now they seem unstoppable… it might change again.

For me the reason we often look good around new year and shite in April is down to squad depth, winner’s cool and lack of striker quality, but isn’t that exactly what Wenger has assessed in the last 3 windows? We might be mentally ready for it and it might just be down to details by now. At least we shouldn’t be far.


Most top contenders do win eventually though. We still have to do that.

But I don’t know when it’s becomes fair to expect the winning and hold the manager accountable. There seems to be always be something that justifies us missing out.


This is what I’d say right now. If our squad proves that it can at least take us deep into a title challenge I’d consider calling it the best, I’m a bit tentative about saying that right now.

But our squad is clearly so much better than in previous years, these days I look at our bench and see several good options to bring on to influence matches, whether we’re chasing a game or trying to shut it down. A few years ago our bench was regularly full of absolute rubbish like Flamini, Sanogo et al.


City are still the best for me. The best forward by a mile for me which is usually the biggest factor. And their whole attack is about as flawless as it gets in England. Their flawed defensive performance isn’t just down to their squad, and don’t forget they’re missing Kompany.

Depth is really meaningless unless you get injuries and even then, nobody really has depth. Our depth is pretty much if Monreal/Mustafi/Cazorla/Alexis got injured Gibbs/Mertesacker/Coquelin/Giroud would do okay, and okay isn’t going to win us the league if they need to be relied on for 20 games.

If Aguero, De Bruyne, Silva, Sterling, Fernandinho stay fit and City win the league, nobody is really going to care that Xhaka is better than Fernando in the scenario that Cazorla/Fernandinho were unavailable.

And I’d put Chelsea ahead of us too with the addition of Kante and even if Hazard/Ozil/Costa/Sanchez were equal, Willian/Pedro trumps Walcott/Iwobi and their defensive unit is performing as well as ours so we can’t claim any victory there.

It’s close enough that we’re definitely a good enough squad to win this league, which is all that matters to me. I’d happily finish 3rd if it was behind great performances from City and Chelsea where you can hold your hands up and say they were better, I’d just hate to finish 3rd if we’ve spent a month at the top of the league and go on a terrible bottling run.


Cech, Koscieny, Ozil, Sanchez right up there with the best in the BPL for their position

after that everyone else is pretty solid, there is a ready replacement , although not necessarily of equivalent quality, for each first choice player

it’s the best wr’ve had for many a year, all it took was getting rid of rubbish like Flamini and bringing in Mustafi, Granit, Lucas… which could have been done quite easily in 2015. Why wasn’t it?
Anyway, probably more important than squad strength / quality is how they are deployed, coached, motivated and prepared. Just look at the difference currently between Chelsea and City - not much difference in strength of squad but a whole load of difference in current performance level


Improving the fastest ,weve been waititng to improve since 2006 so it’s not very fast !