Dial Square FC - Light the touch Paper

Dial Square Football Club is an English football club based in Addlestone, Surrey, England. It was founded as a protest club by fans of the Premier League team Arsenal, who had become disillusioned with the club’s direction under the ownership of the Kroenke Sports & Entertainment group.Wikipedia

It will only take a few thousand Arsenal Fans to light the touch paper and get this entity into space …Get Dial Square out of Surrey and into North London
Re name it AFC ARSENAL


Would you rename it for commercial reasons. I kind of think Dial Square is appealing.
Would you think younger people wouldn’t associate the same?

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Yes - That’s my thinking … younger people and overseas supporters may not associate …

A Fans owned club can fire off very quickly, I live in SW London and have seen AFC WIMBLEDON rise 9 divisions. Arsenal fans need the right mindset to make it happen The Arsenal Fan base is huge …

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My gift to Arsenal Fans Name those players who signed …

I could not take any more of Kroenke and now give my money and support to Fan owned club AFC WIMBLEDON

but Arsenal in
My veins


Ian Selley the honorary President I noticed.

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Yes Ian Selley is backing Fan run DS
What’s your view Stroller on a new Fan owned Arsenal …impossible ?
On seeing the little appetite on this forum it seems Kroenke has all Arsenal Fans exactly where he wants them .
Has been interesting to get an insight into the heads of present day Arsenal Fans.
Good Luck to Dial Square, they have over 4000 Twitter followers, and I don’t know any other 10th division team having that many followers …
Dial Square need committed and passionate volunteers, but for sure there are many disillusioned Arsenal and general Football fans who
would love to be supporter run.
Unione Berlin is the benchmark

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I really hope this succeeds. I’m getting closer and closer to giving up on the current incarnation of Arsenal

It’s owned by a member of the undead so looks increasingly wrong to support it.

Wish all the other fans would boycott attendance like I’ve started to do.

It would soon force Kroenke out but the fan base can’t organise around it and buy into it yet

It can only succeed if there is a mind set change,
I fear Arsenal Fans need to suffer more before they embrace Dial Square FC.

AFC Wimbledon were shafted so badly … the club was moved to Milton Keynes, to rouse a passion to start anew .

I very much hope Dial Square succeed and I have received a reply from their President about embracing other Fan owned clubs.

Dial Square have come to late for me, but I follow them on Twitter to indicate a likening of their efforts .
I suggest all Arsenal Fans just follow them on Twitter. Very least it will drive them

Yeah it’s 90 quid for an ownership bond. Really tempted even though I won’t get too see them but can keep an interest through the site and YouTube clips etc.
Sent an email over a few questions last night. Definitely an interesting concept in the game. Think covid highlighted a lot of things for people with the modern game tbh. Also modern life and the world being 24/7 has made traditional following of clubs totally different now. You will always have full attendance at big clubs but lower down the table and Leagues people have got out the habit now.
Was a great time for a reset by those in charge but they ignored it sadly apart from the ESL format.

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Do you live in the Uk stroller ? Why is it not possible for you too see DS ?

Live in Cheshire now and work weekends now as well as some other family issues.

I was surprised to see DIAL SQUARE with 4184 Twitter followers, I guess a lot of Arsenal Fans are watching them ? Who else can it be ?
I know there is a big Arsenal contingent in Surrey and Sussex .

They only need to attract one or two big name ex-Arsenal players …Tony Adam’s has his clinic in Surrey I think , then another growth spurt will happen

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Stroller what does the Anti-xG Alliance mean ?

It’s one of these analytical measurements that Twitter nerds use as more important than things like actual results. :slightly_smiling_face:

Where are they based? Bond seems really fucking. Tempting ngl

I don’t think it’s accurate to compare Dial Square to AFC Wimbledon. It’s more in line with FC United of Manchester.

Wimbledon was killed stone dead in one of the most shameful events in the history of the football league. For Dial Square and FCU it’s about a group of people feeling frustrated and trying to recapture something about why they loved football in the first place.

As I said elsewhere (and often) I can’t speak highly enough as to what Wimbledon have achieved but I can’t/don’t feel the same about Dial Square. That said I am following on Twitter cos why not. I hope they get what they want out of it.


I completely agree with you, the best comparison Dial Square is with FC United of Manchester.
Disillusioned Fans that want to bring football back to the Fans and no longer wish to be part of a Billionaires plaything.
AFC Wimbledon is a Phoenix club that was created by the most shameful act seen in British Football in our life time . As I said before Arsenal Fans would need a catastrophic event for them to abandon the present Arsenal incarnation and for them to start anew.
As an Arsenal Fan who now supports and put his money in AFC WIMBLEDON, I have seen first hand how much joy Fan ownership brings.
Arsenal Fan base is huge but as I see it all Arsenal Fans have sold their souls to Kroenke and are blind to another way.
I am aware that if just 10% of Arsenal Fans embraced Dial Square they would instantly rocket up the leagues. It saddens me to see Arsenal FC in its current state and floundering by Arsenal Fans.
I guess Dial Square will tick along and gain seepage of Arsenal Fans, but if Tony Adam’s or Ian Wright embraced them, it will only take one big name player then, who knows… I see Anders Limpar is in contact with the guys at Dial Square .
I am looking forward to returning to the Emirates with AFC WIMBLEDON my last game was Arteta last game v A Villa. I will be thinking if only the Arsenal Fans knew how much power they have but are blind as to which direction to go.

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There are visionaries in Football, here is a bunch of people that are not obsessed about bringing in the next £90,000,000 player but have their thoughts on other aspects of the game we love .

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47 year old Ian Selley playing in a 6 4 win at the weekend for the Dial.


Is ex PWC computer audit partner Erik Samuelson still helping to run Wimbledon?

I knew him once upon a time (not terribly well). Quite a nice guy and was a very keen Wimbledon fan what seems like many centuries ago.