Denis Suárez (signed)


He’ll fit right in :slight_smile:


We’ll see but his end product numbers are simply no better than Alex Iwobi, so you can’t blame for not being to excited about this signing.



Utter shit that is, just something to piss of fans. How the fuck can the club be making 450m a season and be making a loss of fucking 70m our wages aren’t that high and our debt is more than manageable.


Well we have traditionally been operating not all that far from break even, so a bad year with no CL and expensive buys combined with few sales, and that isn’t shocking… the 70 million would be a shambles though… also, I am not sure I buy it b/c player buys get amortized anyway (transfer fee and wages get spread over entire contract)… not awesome.




I heard he is still hiding in the basement at night siphoning monnies through a straw through a vent.



Just won a penalty for barca in copa del rey, after great solo run


He looks a tricky player.


knowing our luck he will play a blinder for us and we will start to love the guy then we go to buy him and Barca will say nah we wanna keep him now or heavily hike the price.



His price just went up 10m.


Cant be moaning about a player keeping messi on the pine.


Lol yeah! Knowing our luck, it’s gonna be this way.


Also inherited Xavi’s number, something shit Fabregas could never do.



Bet this is this guys Özil replacement :joy:


Fits the Emery mould, he’s happy for us to become a Villarreal or Sevilla of the EPL.


I’m pretty sure if it’s Emery Vs Özil. Arsenal fans pick Özil every day of the week. Can’t believe this prick has frozen out our best player as he doesn’t run a lot like Iwobi :roll_eyes: