Wasn’t ever good enough. One of the original players Wenger gave too much loyalty towards. 37 Appearances in 08-09 Post-Flamini/Hleb/Silva departure and not much to show for it. Dead League campaign where we was chasing Aston Villa and the magic money tree reared it head when we signed Arshavin. Also got shat on by United in the CL Semis. Season to forget.

Also signed Silvestre that year, fuck me what was Wenger doing.


Working on a shoestring budget but with money there for that one special player? (I.e Arshavin)

Can we get an OTD on the anniversary of him getting overtaken by the referee while tracking back on a Man United counterattack?


Dunno man, will be funny how that shoestring budget no longer became shoestring we really looked in the shits that season. It was bleak.

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Not sure this is the right sentiment tbh. Yeah Silvestre sucked, but Denilson was a Brazilian captain at under-20s level. Sure it didn’t really work out, but he had some moments and overall we went for potential.

I certainly dont think it was an outrageous deal.