Demba Ba horrific leg break


Just seen it on Twitter oh my god it’s so bad :cry: one of the worst I’ve seen. Wishing him a speedy recovery.


May as well call it career over… not sure if a 30+ yo player will hurry too much to play again in China after suffering an injury as his.


Jesus there is no god.


Yeah, I’d say it’s pretty much over and out for him. Shitty way to wrap it up.


Just saw it! Shocking! :cech: Wish him a speed recovery.


So bad! Wish he’ll get well soon!


Shocking, horrific.
Hope he will fully recover.


What has this got to do with playing in China? The injury could have happened anywhere in the world


That’s not what I’m saying. Of course he could have suffered the same injury anywhere in the world, but what I’m hinting at that he may as well call it a day as playing in China is more considered to be a retirement home with good payment and not a place you’d be burning to go back to. Odds are that if he was playing at a higher level at his age he’d have more motivation to continue.