Declan Rice

Do people still choose Arsenal on Fifa

Only way I can see Arsenal win the league

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He is my mates nephew grew up in Kingston where I live and more than likely to goto Chelsea - Kingstonian’s ground was bought out by Chelsea Ladies so links abound. He is a good kid !!


Somehow I found us really good on Fifa 21, shit ratings but well balanced with rapid attackers.

Complete disparity from the real life version…

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I used to on FM

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Not Brighton :upside_down_face:

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Why is it delusional to think that we could sign Declan Rice? We paid £50m for Ben White in the Summer. Previous year we paid £50m for Partey and put him on big wages. Year before we paid £72m for Pepe. Why would Declan Rice be different? We are prepared to spend big money on players and wages isn’t a problem for us.

How much would his transfer fee be? £70m+ ? Fee and wages wouldn’t be an issue if we wanted the player.

Who where the other teams we bid against in those 3 deals.
See Vlahovic for reasons you won’t be signing Rice.


We didn’t fail in the Vlahovic signing because we weren’t prepared the pay the transfer fee, he rejected us because he wanted to go to Juve. And the point about the other three signings is not that we were in competition (although there were other clubs interested in Pepe according to reports at the time), I am just making the point that the club are prepared to spend big on an individual player. Something we haven’t done in the past under Wenger. If Rice doesn’t want to leave or only wants a move back to Chelsea, there isn’t anything we or any other club can do, but don’t see that being the case.

I stopped playing before Potter took over :wink:

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But if Chelsea or United are interested, do you think we’ll get him? That’s what he’s getting at, our only shot would be if we’re the only ones in for him and that isn’t going to happen.

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Depends on the situation at the time. We are short of midfielders, Chelsea are not, so guaranteed he would be a starter for us. We are building a strong young team - he is only 23 still, so same age as Ben White and Gabriel so fits the age profile of the players we have been signing. We could easily compete with Chelsea on wages for the player. If we got into the top 4 we could offer CL football (which would give us an advantage over Utd). I’m not saying we will sign him, but I think we should be in for him and I don’t think it is far-fetched.

The only Rice we are getting is Uncle Ben’s

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He dead bro, Spider-Man fucked up


You mean Ben’s Original @Calum

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There are several reasons we won’t get Rice.

Would he want to come here?
Will Kroenke keep giving Arteta money?
We need a top striker which will be most of our budget.
There are other genuine top PL clubs interested.
Arteta isn’t an attractive manager for top players.
We’re not playing in the CL.

He definitely isn’t coming here and neither is a top European striker.

Ok…let’s take each of these in turn:

Would he want to come here? In principle, yes…if we can offer European football. Would he prefer a move back to Chelsea…I don’t know, and none of us do. But we would be an attractive option for him.

Will Kroenke keep giving Arteta money? Yes absolutely. The Kroenke’s appear to have full faith in Arteta and Edu and the project.

We need a top striker which will be most of our budget. We spent crica £150m in the summer. A top striker could be signed for £60-£75m (Iask’s release clause is apparently £75m). We could easily spend big on a striker and on a CM with all the players that have gone in January. I personally think we are in for a very big summer.

There are other genuine top PL clubs interested. Agree, but we are building something special at Arsenal. He may well buy into the project and be keen to join White, Saka, ESR and Ramsdale on this journey. They are all of the same age group…and dare I say our new English core?

Arteta isn’t an attractive manager for top players. Really? Do you not see the togetherness within the current squad of players? 100% disagree.

We’re not playing in the CL. We will be back in Europe by the end of the season. Unlike others, I think we can still beat Utd and Spurs to the top 4 with the team and players we have.

He definitely isn’t coming here and neither is a top European striker. I think you are wrong on both accounts! Let’s see who is right in the summer!


That’s a well reasoned and thought out response and I agree with a lot of what you say. I will say one thing though a lot of the people beating the same drum about Arteta and the club aren’t looking for a well thought out response, it’s largely just cathartic rhetoric at this point and probably not worth getting too invested in or upset over.

Though like I say I do agree with pretty much all of that, could we be in contention for Rice if we wanted, absolutely. Probably the whole reason we’re keeping Jack locked in the basement -I’m pretty sure they’re mates.


Would love for us to go for him. You just never know.

Sheesh I just shut down on him being “dream midfielder”

Talk about hyperbole

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