Declan Rice (41)

Probably the best song of all time tbh

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The sign of a good football song is when you already know the words moments before they are sung, when hearing it for the first time.


Love the reaction from Ødegaard after Rice banged that in. Haven’t seen another angle but he puts his hands on his head like he can’t believe what he’s just seenlol.

What a fucking strike from Declan. Hitting that first time is a extremely difficult skill. Brilliant, brilliant player.


He has a talent for hitting those balls that swing away into the far side of the netting.

Scored a similar goal earlier this season against someone where he managed to place it just inside the post swinging away from him from distance.

Was it Liverpool were Alisson passed the ball into midfield and it rolled perfectly for him?

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Chelsea 2:2

It was Sanchez who passed the ball to him

He obviously has a lot of power in his strikes. The technique is a bit inconsistent, but it’s quite good at times. If he works on it just a bit he could become a pretty regular goalscorer from outside of the box.


Ahhh yeah that was the one, good memory

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He hit the ball with confidence and determination, not Kai’s half ass effort.

When Rice shoots the ball, he has that “fuck you” attitude.

When Kai shoots, he has that “oh fuck” mentality.
But sure he will change that under Arteta.


You got that spot on, Rice oozes confidence but Kia, plays like a man who shouldn’t be playing its like he wants to be invisible for some reason.??

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Rice and Jorginho today. Shades of Vieira & Petit in the way they complimented each other and the way they constantly knew where the other was. £120m well spent last year.

I should add, that Ben White inverting is totally flooding midfield and it gave Declan licence to roam. which I think is his best role. His reading of the game is world class.

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