Declan Rice (41)

Looked knackered towards the end so a tired pass but could’ve been costly.

Getting increasingly more confident with the type of balls he plays too.



He is brilliant.

For me, a mobile, healthy and uprising Rice is better than Partey anytime, you guys agree or not.

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Telling that we’re not missing Partey.

I do not, sorry.

Ben White has made that right back position his.


That’s going way too far Rice has played 5 games in this team and he hasn’t been great in all of them

This is the defnition of recency bias

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I still think Partey is our best player. Rice has been excellent though.

I’m not saying anything bad about Partey.
I just prefer Rice as #6.

Is there a problem to prefer a player that has a higher ceiling, and healthier, quicker, and more mobile and adaptable??

At one point the co-commentator on my feed said Rice had been below par today. I couldn’t believe it. Had a single sketchy moment but other than that, thought he was great.

Might reveal more about the co-commentator though. He also kept saying that Eddie had been a great impact substitute when that’s just not been true.


He still is imo. His skill set is so unique.

Going back to Rice - based off his last couple of performances, he gives us an unreal amount of stability and game control. Partey is a risk taker who helps us to play some really pulsating football, and I think the attacking ceiling of the team is higher…but Rice is so fucking dominant defensively and our possession ceiling is higher.

We’re lucky to have both. It’s wonderful to finally have top class cover for such a vital position.


The way that Declan Rice covers slave and blocks passes is the best I’ve seen since prime Kante. He’s so good at winning the ball back.


He’s really added a whole new level to us. Incredible stability, incredible defensive dominance.

I’m still amazed that he plays for us. His leadership and mental profile is EXACTLY what this squad needed.

Such a reliable, consistent, high level performer.

He is the sort of player who you can easily picture as the spine of a trophy winning team.

Monstrous presence on the field. Can’t praise him enough. So happy he’s an Arsenal player.


I loved it when De Jong was getting fired up and he Rice was going right back at him. Feels good to have a few hard bastards in the side.


That was trademark De Jong shit, always crying. Hate that guy.


Easy to see why he was so loved by the west ham fans and why they were so stung when he left

Although he’s out record signing, there was very little risk in spending so much on him because he’s been a consistently top quality PL player with a winning attitude.

Rice is a massive upgrade on Xhaka, who he replaced after a good season and exactly what we needed.

Sensational performance from Rice last night, very impressed with him lately.

Believe he still has at least 2 more levels to his game.