De Bruyne or Özil?


Absolutely love Özil, my favourite player, but trying to be objective, I wonder if I was a City fan or a neutral who I would rate more?

De Bruyne is really a fantastic player…is he better than Özil?

De Bruyne or Özil?

  • Kevin de Bruyne
  • Mesut Özil

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I’d rather Eriksen


Both are hit and miss, tbf. Can’t decide in the end.


I think they are too different to compare tbh.



In all seriousness… probably KDB by a little bit but they’re not really playing the same position so it’s hard to really say.


Both insignificant pedestrian plebs compared to TK8! :wilshere:



KDB hasn’t been particularly stellar this season. Don’t think he scored a goal since the opening month or two of the season. His team are also performing poorly in comparison to the quality of squad and manager.

Ozil would come under a tonne of criticism if he’d been playing like KDB has and Arsenal had been as bad as City have.

KDB style is just more direct so ultimately in this country he’ll get plenty of plaudits because it looks good but Ozil all day for me.


Bless this day.
SRCJJ just defended an Arsenal player, when compared to a rival one.


I prefer to call it being balanced as neutral as opposed to being unnecessarily biased in my assessment of players. :wink:


Eriksen has 5 goals and 11 assists so far in the league alone playing a Cazorla-type role in midfield or sometimes drifting out wide.

Imagine if we bought him! He’d be able to cover Cazorla in the CM position and Ramsey in a wide position.



Fairest assessment really.


Who is TK8?

Eh, that’s a pretty glib comment, tbh. I much prefer a more non-direct player like Özil so it’s not like it really comes into it…obviously anyone with a brain could care less what the general english public prefers.


Toni Kroos


Ahh…durr. :facepalm:


If I could unfollow you on here, I would right now. And then befriend you, so I could do it again. :wenger2:


It wasn’t aimed at you. It was aimed at the general public perception that KDB is better than Ozil which is often just based on the difference in their style of play rather than who is actually the better football player.

The argument with KDB has always been he scores and assists but Ozil got nearly 20 assists and 6 goals last season whilst KDB managed less half than half that in assists and a goal more. And this season he’s got plenty more assists but can’t seem to score. So numerically he’s not better than Ozil nor is he a better football player.


Poll added, chose Ozil myself.


I say Ozil in the end though. He has been more constant than the belgian.


Different roles. If I need to play with an advanced playmaker, Mesut is much better than KDB. If I need to play on counterattack and decide to play with the wingers, Kevin is better. They can play togheter.

A right comparison should be: Mesut or Eriksen?


Is it though? According to @Cristo Eriksen is playing as an 8.

With apologies to the poster just mentioned, that isn’t really a question, @Maxi.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure De Bruyne would be pretty natural in a role similar to Mesut’s, it’s just down to circumstance he hasn’t really played in one so far, I think.