Dayot Upamecano

He’s apparently played 80 odd games for RB Leipzig and he’s only 20 years old. I didn’t realise he was that experienced already.

A lot of twitter ft nerds cream their pants over him too.


This kids name has been around for years. He signed for RB for €10m and he’s been one of the hottest defensive prospects for at least the last 4 years.

It’s criminal that Wenger didn’t utilise his knowledge of the French market and his contacts to secure talent like this at reasonable prices.


I think we have a chance at this, only if we can shift Kos, Mustafi and Chambers.

We’ve tried it before…

Forever loaded. Never shot off.


Anyone know if he’s actually good? Always just kinda had him down as one of those guys twitter/video game freaks rate but never seen anything to indicate actual football people rating him? Never seen him play but remember seeing a few highlights where he looked a little Sakho-esque.

No idea IRL but he has been monster on FM for a few years :santi:

If it means we are getting a top quality CB…


You can take that Tierney rumor, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UPAMECANDY ASS JABRONI!!


I’m cutting rn but that upamecandy ass pun is outrageously good and I can chuckle a bit now so thnx :heart:

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Lololol why are u all emo rt now my dood??

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Feel like pure shit just want Tierney announcement


@RockyMaivia where are you dude? Flagrant gimmick infringement.

Is this Upamecano lad really the answer? I mean a player that will immediately be an upgrade to Chambers/Mustafi.

Right now a stop sign is more effective than Mustafi


Hehe do you really need to ask that question? I mean just reread that last bit you wrote…


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Some reports are now floating around that RB want Smith-Rowe as a makeweight in the deal. Probably bullshit but if true I’d be happy to pack ESR’s bags for him if that’s what it takes to get in a decent central defender.


Transfer or loan makeweight?


Juicy - loan and 50 million… or transfer and 30 million with buyback at 40/50 million just in case.

Man there’s madness behind the scenes, it looks like it’s the first time the backroom staff is actually working.