Dayot Upamecano

Think he deserves his own thread as now a reliable enough source confirmed our interest. Dunno how it can happen if they rejected £55m, that’s a lot of money lol.

Do we have capacity to go above that?

EDIT: well the Honigstein article is old.

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Yeah he can have his own thread, fuck it. Deadline day approaching, I’m sure there’ll be another bid if this is true.

Edit: Lol you deleted the content, awkward :sweat_smile:


Lol, whatever you want, m8. Here, undeleted.

Some actual reliable journalist reporting!!!


£55m rejected? Jesus wept, we are going in hard.

Curious why we’ve only put in a bid at this late stage, talks probably been ongoing for a while but I guess we finally slapped some momo down on the table to see if Leipzig’s cock would twitch. No such luck it appears.

£70m is a helluva sum for a young defender. Is this guy a gem, anybody seen the fucker play?

Just have seen clips, but anyone looks good in clips but fair dues he looks a real talent from what i have seen. Him and Saliba at CB could be quite tasty going forward.

Step One: Identify target that would cost a large amount

Step Two: Make a significant, but insufficient bid, knowing you won’t have to follow up

Step Three: After deadline point to this and say “oh well, we tried”


£100M RC is ridiculous though, even for his talents.

I’d be inclined to agree but we got :raul: now and it doesn’t feel that way.

As much as I love the Pepe signing, wouldn’t this make more sense?

But I guess Pepe was more warband so you could swallow paying £70 of million for him

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I we throw Mustafi into the mix we can lower the transfer fee. I believe ! :siuu:

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Definitely but it puts them in a position where they can command huge money for him.

Paying up to £70mil is crazy though, but if we could have sold Mustafi and Chambers for a combined £30-40mil then it would be more manageable.

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Yes by 1 pence!

German international and world cup winner. We could be lucky that Leipzieg only look at those factors :arteta:


Saliba + Upamecamo next season get in my fucking veins like that sweet sweet black tar heroin that makes me forget


Some sheik took us over in the meantime?? I must’ve missed something…
Maybe they’ve missed one zero when talking about that 45M budged at the start of the window… Yeah, that makes sense.

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The letter hurt Stan’s feelings


I actually think they’d want more money if we threw in Mustafi. Kinda like hiring a skip to take your rubbish away.


Man, we’re loaded…

Just like ma balls


what with your man crusts? :gabriel:

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