David Ospina


Im not sure if he isnt the best keeper on our books. Not saying a lot that tbh. Served us well enough though.


I honestly can’t understand why this deal is taking so long.


I can’t believe we’re taking a loss on a £3m transfer. I don’t recall Ospina being a complete train wreck at all


2M is buttons ffs. Anyway all the best to OSPINAAAAAAAAAAA

Served us well imo


Only 2 mil? Lol! Think we paid 8 mil for him.


I think the reason the fee for flimsy hands is so low is because he is shit

Could be wrong though :woman_shrugging:


Nah it was £3.5mil

Still should not be selling at a loss though.


I’d take a bag of crisps just to get him off the books.

The guy never plays for us so I suppose asking for what we paid for him after getting very few minutes and being like 3 years older as well might have been a bit hopeful. Although I guess in this inflated market we should be able to get £10m for him :joy:


He’s genuinely so shit I’d be amazed if another club were to offer anything over 3-4 million Euro’s for him.

Agree with Cristo, I’d offload him for free in the hope of never having to see him play important cup competitions again.


Are we really arguing about 3.5 million here? How Wenger brainwashing of us. We’ve gotten some use out of him and who cares? We make that back and then some in 2 home games. Get him off the books.


I imagine the time taken here is Besiktas leveraging this deal with how many years they can offer Dustbin Dave a free supply of köfte. Tricky fucking stuff.


Or we can send him out on loan with a negotiated/future fee in case we cannot sell him during this window.


No. Just take whatever is being offered and get him out.



Can’t believe Ospina is still here


Ospina is no shit… his performance for Columbia was pretty good, but his performance for Arsenal was average, barely decent.

If his departure means we can now play a better keeper in the European tournaments, so be it.

All the best, David.


There’s a good chance he’ll go abroad so I doubt we need to rush him out. He’s already been replaced and he’ll be cheap enough to be desirable for European clubs. Of all the “dead wood” he’s the one I’m least worried about.


I dunno, he seems reluctant almost given we’ve tried to nudge him out for the past season or two? Either the Turks are talking big or Davey lad is being a nuisance.


For some reason, I didn’t think he’d be the sort of parasite cunt who prioritises money over his playing career.

I figured he’s his country’s #1 and has a bit of a reputation to uphold. The only reason he hasn’t left already is because he can’t get this salary anywhere else. I guess you can’t blame him on a personal level, most ordinary folks would do the same.

He will know he is third choice at absolute best here, with no chance of playing time unless injuries strike. Hopefully we find a way of fucking him the fuck off.