David Ospina


:smile: In search of his 201th clean sheet :smile:







Just seen the highlights, he has shocking decision making, no need to be punching a ball at that pace on the first goal.

Our GK situation is really a shambles. Really convinced the guy on loan–Emi–is the best of the lot. Which is low praise/mainly just a reflection of the terrible level of the two at the club, as I wouldn’t even confidently say Emi is Arsenal backup material.


How could you possibly be convinced of that? Or just a statement for effect?


90% of what he says.


Thought he was great tonight.


I don’t think Ospina was particularly bad today or something like that, but I’m looking forward to our new goalkeeper.


Timo already confirmed that he wants to stay with the relegated Koln, and Jonas Hector signed an extention also.
This is “loyalty”, have a chance to move to better place but willing to go down with the club.


Reports here in Argentina says that Boca agreed to a loan for Ospina and it now has to agree on a salary with him.





Nah, give him a one way ticket.


How long does he left on his contract? I guess that frees up his wages at least to pay Leno, so zero sum.


A year.

Even so we should be able to move him on for a bit of dough, would suck if we can’t even recoup around what we paid but I suppose his wages off the books will have to suffice if there’s truth in this.


Good for him. He goes close to home and can play as first choice.


Give us Pavon in exchange imo


We spent what, 3.5m on him? Fuck me, if we can’t recoup that pittance…


I know right?

Pretty lame if a loan and release is the best we can do for an international keeper.



2m is awful but who cares. More important to move him on.