David Ospina


Shame we couldn’t get 25 million quid for the back up keeper we sold :joy:


Soooooo besiktas who for years and fucking years have been after opsina but couldnt cough up a couple of million for him always were pissing about have landed Karius? I know Ospina aint the best but to piss around over ospina for years and not bother for KARIUS, someone needs to put down the crack pipe over there!!


Went searching for this in the players and couldn’t find him lol. He’s only on loan but we may end up selling him to Napoli permanently…


Their loss.


Literally completely forgot about this guy lol


He’s actually played well for Napoli and had slotted I’m very well.

Seems a few of our more recent ex goalkeepers have gone on to do pretty well for themselves. Fabianski established himself as a very good shot stopper and Woj is number one at one of the biggest clubs in the world.


Possibly down to the coaching compared to other clubs? We seemed to be outdated with Peyton’s? work.


Not surpsing really, fundamental coaching has been appalling here for so long and that’s setting aside the tactical and mental regression in the latter half of Wenger’s reign.

Despite all the flack he got whilst here Ospina had a very good pedigree and reputation prior to signing for us, nice to see he’s found a home at Napoli, he’s no jobber.


Our summer transfer budget has now increased to 44M!! :tada:



Cool as you like.


Not sure what drugs I was on when making my earlier posts in this thread. :joy:


The u-turn on Ospina is particularly strong here @shamrockgooner :arteta:



Hope he is ok. Get well, David.


David, get well soon.
All the best.


Get well soon David. And by soon I obviously mean any time after April 19th.

Only joking, he’s fine :mustafi:


He wont be cup-tied?


Cup tied for who? Lol


For some reason I thought he was on loan.


He is haha. Don’t know why he’s not on the players section anymore?!