David Luiz (23)

I’ve heard of Emilie Heskey

(I really shouldn’t take days off from work :confused:)

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This was my first thought when I read the story. Who is Ornstein’s source and what’s the reason why anyone would want to leak this gossip column type story?

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Definitely a player

Players leak stuff for all sort of reasons but most commonly it’s for prominent features or favourable spin down the line

My guess is the rat is Hector or Ozil


It’s gonna be Ozil :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

He’s already revelling in bad Arsenal PR, why not add more :joy:


Gotta be Özil. His PR team have used Ornstein before and his motivations is easy to understand.

Could someone at least have the decency to throw a punch or display a black eye, so we could have the semblance of a story.
Not sure why he even bothered answering the question.

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Maybe I’m a bit too gullible but I wouldn’t be surprised if this leak was true and it’s the club themselves universally denying the story.

Either way, whether it’s true or not I think it’d a nothing story.

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I think Arteta shows his naivety again here. This is going to be in the background for Sunday now.
Drawing attention to something instead of dismissing it for the press.
He seems to be using it for sending a message out and letting fans know he’s not having this sort of thing.
It’s fine in principle but just invites intrusion and extra focus by the media on him and Arsenal. Be comes a bigger stick if we don’t win now. Not clever again.

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Why comment the situation at all? Drawing unnecessary attention and making a hen of a feather.

“These things happen all the time, most players are as competitive in training as during a match.” Would’ve been the sensible statement by Arteta and then handle the leak internally.


Our club needs some fucking comms training.



Arteta: “I will find out where [the Ceballos-Luiz incident] it is coming from and if that is the case, that goes completely against what I expect from each other, the privacy and the confidentiality that we need, and there will beconsequences.” [@BBCSport]

I don’t know why Arteta didn’t just ignore the question or say it’s just something that happens on the training ground.
Or do what Wenger used to do and say it shows the players care and are committed.
By answering the question in the way he did, he has virtually confirmed that it actually happened, as well as drawing more attention to it.


On the one hand Arteta has drawn more attention to it with the “find the mole” narrative, but on the other he has mentioned in interviews that he didn’t really see it and competitiveness in training is normal.

After the Fulham game, he had to deal with questions about Nketiah/Cebellos incident and played it down (said he didn’t see it either).

Might be pissed that a private encounter was leaked which could have been prevented - the leak is 10x worse than a standard scuffle, and Arteta has responded emotionally when his usual vague-ness would be better.

He seems to be getting more like Wenger, with his stubbornness and playing players out of position, as well as copying some of his well known quotes.
Perhaps he really is Wenger in disguise. :grinning:

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Nah…we would be playing better football and winning more games surely!