Danny Welbeck (23)


So where does that leave us with hour homegrown player quota then? With Ox, Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey and Welbeck gone or going thats a big chunk of players gone.


If I’ve counting correctly we now have 15 players who are non-homegrown. If I understand the rules correctly in that case we don’t need to have at least 8 homegrown players.


I see, my first train of thought would be that Nelson comes back and takes the place of Welbeck.


I’m not sure but players like Nelson, Guendouzi and Mavropanos wouldn’t count for the quota yet, because they are still under-21.


Not sure how this should have ended any other way


As I thought, it just makes sense given the impact he’s having in Germany.


3 players that gave us a something like a combined 24 years and cost us a combined £21m?

Not every transaction in football has to be about turning profits.

I also don’t think the club has really boasted its astuteness in the transfer market for at least 5 years. We’re basically paying the same fees as everyone else now.


Possible bellerine as well sure he meets the requirements as well for homegrown quota,
Plus theirs willock as well they can include


We are efficiently weeding out the out of contract players. Losing them for free or not, doesn’t matter right now as these players were signed before our new system was in place.

We will definitely be more astute in the market going forward and losing players for nothing will be a thing of the past.


Wenger would haggle down to the last penny and then lose out on a player, or wait until right to the end of the window and then lose out on a player we were desperate for, and would often say things like “we will only pay our valuation” after almost every transfer window when we couldn’t get who we needed.

It just seems strange that these three players were worth around £20m each or more and we let their contracts run down and get nothing for them.

If we had sold them when it was becoming obvious that they were either surplus to requirements or that they wanted to run their contracts dow, we could have spent that money on a world class player.


We can spend money on a world class player anyway. We’d be marginally better off if we’d sold those players.



they are only just figuring this out?


No point in renewing him the contract.


His contract is one of those that runs to summer 2019


Sorry, not good enough is not good enough, doesn’t matter he is 5k, 15k, 50k or 150k. No need is no need, waste is waste.

Please don’t renew his contract.


Disagree. Is he good enough? Absolutely. Is he the best possible one? Probably not.


Sorry, he is absolutely not good enough.
He even doesn’t have a clear job and role on the team.
Goal scoring? Assist/set up man? Wide player without the final third abilities?
Work rate probably 100% but end product is 10% good.

I don’t like Iwobi, but he contributes more than Danny.
Agree to disagree.


He’s literally an all-around forward. Could play at every position in attack. Always performs, whether it’s a big or not match.
Even Mr. Picky Emery ended up loving Welbeck after he was not in the plans and Arsenal were looking to offload him. That’s another manager in his long list of fans.
Maybe he didn’t groom to be the striker most wanted but he had solid time here. Given what we paid for him I think we did good business signing him from Utd. If he lowers his wages I wouldn’t mind him for backup.


Come on…
It is pure nonsense to say he can play every attacking position.

As a striker, he is not clinical and scoring enough
As a winger, he has some speed but his dribbling always let him down
As a wide player, because he is so one footed he has to cut in most of the time, not able to use the width of the field and make some good passing from the side or cross the ball out effectively

Don’t tell me you think he can play as an attacking midfielder like Ozil and/or Ramsey… basically his skillset sucks.

To offload a few players like him, we have money to keep Ozil, if we have tight budget, even though I never think we have that constraint.

It was a wrong business in the beginning, not even decent.
We gave United their last piece (RVP) to win the league, and they return us a player that can’t get us anywhere.