Danny Welbeck (23)


Nelson is 8 games into his loan and 10 into his professional career. As excited as I am by his start in Germany let’s not start acting like he’s ready to come back here and be a 30/40 game a season player. And if we’re bringing him back to sit on the bench, as Welbeck predominantly does, then that just kills his momentum.

We need to leave him be there for the season. Would hate to see us call him back.


Yeah I hear what you’re saying, 1 full season under his belt building confidence in Germany.


Would rather he had a full season in Germany with Nagellsman tbh



Pissing hell :joy:



I want to know which one of those losers took a photo of Danny Welbeck to the team hotel


Has anyone told them he hasn’t died?


“Where is Danny anyway? His dinner’s getting cold and eaten.”


Heartbreaking :sob:



Reminds me of that @TheSpecialCnut masterpiece


Somewhere out there, Bernardo Espinosa is thinking very fondly of his beloved @Cristo on a bed, gazing at him, from afar :cristo:


Umm cringe


Don’t keep him for this reason exactly, he’s never fit for long enough. Been injured as much as healthy in his 5 seasons at the club. Seems most people are now saying what I said two weeks ago, despite myself copping flak at the time for this.


You coped flak because of your timing and the way you said it.


Not my fault I take sentimental emotion out and just deal with cold hard reality. The way I said it really wasn’t that bad either tbh…


:snowflake: stuff that


All but confirmed he’ll be allowed to leave on a free at seasons end apparently, arseblog reporting this.


If that’s true it means we will have lost Wilshere, Welbeck and possibly Ramsey for nothing.
For a club that has boasted it’s astuteness in the transfer market, this seems pretty poor business.


Meh. If (some) reports are to believed a (massive) wage bill was the biggest problem in adding players. These are all high earners whom will be gone from the books.

Arsenal hasn’t been ‘astute’ on the market since ‘12-13 in my opinion anyway. At least I feel like they got a lot more value for money spend in Wenger’ first 15 years than after that. With Guendouzi and Torreira there seem to be slight improvements made in that area anyway.