Danny Welbeck (23)


Weirdly that picture assures me that it is probably more of a horrible twist rather than a break.
But you never know what sort of damage has been done to the muscles.


He must be a really strong character. Keeps getting huge injury after huge injury, but always return with a bang.

Just hoping this aint career ending for him.


For what it’s worth @Aussiegooner I don’t think you’ve done anything particularly wrong, I’m not going to judge you for not displaying a huge amount of sympathy on a platform where he’s never going to read what you’ve said. If you feel like making the point that his propensity for getting seriously injured is why he shouldn’t get a new contract then crack on.

If you were on twitter and @'ed him, then different story.

I feel bad for him. He’s a likeable guy it seems and he’s been doing well this season. I’ve thought we should get rid for ages but had started to come round to thinking that maybe we should keep him if he accept a reduced pay packet or the same as he’s currently on, but this has reminded me of one reason why it wouldn’t be sensible and I think it’s OK for you (us) to say that.


Absolutely devastated for Danny. He was playing well , called up for the International games .
Hope Danny has a good strong recovery.


Summed it up beautifully.


I don’t think we do tbh.


Well not really because there was no indication that we planned on offering him a new deal anyway. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t actually a new deal on the table for Welbeck which indicates to me he basically needed to play out of his skin this season to get one. Now that he doesn’t have the chance to do that - the club should cut him loose at the end of the year.

A fit and free Danny Welbeck will attract plenty of attention from the mid table clubs and bag himself a nice new contract somewhere else.


We don’t even know how bad the fucking injury is yet. Ridiculous article (well the bit of it I was allowed read for free).


I agree i know we have been shit with contracts in general, but there has been nothing said about Welbeck been offered anything but all you hear about is Ramseys contract situation and it being withdrawn. So to me it sounds like he was never been offered anything and they expected him to leave on a free or possibly be sold in Jan.


Don’t enter last year of your contract (it is right?) because this is exactly the risk you would take.
Welbeck should have secured his long term interest rather than entering a situation wherein an injury could lead to unemployment or undesirable career options.


You’d think Aussie had just wished sudden death on Welbz with a hot take like this :joy:


The reaction this is getting from our players, fans, other players and teams… you’d actually think he had died! Fully expecting “pray for Welbz” T-shirts to make an appearance on Sunday.


first goal dedicated to him i reckon with ‘for you welbeck’ on the shirt underneath :giroud:


I am sorry for him, but to give him a new contract just because he got injured again is a bullshit.




Remarkable isn’t it ? I actually don’t mind Danny and was annoyed to see him hurt. I was just stating the facts of the situation and how I think the club must act going forward taking sentimental feelings out of it, those sentimental contracts have hurt us far to much in years gone by.


Funny that response from @Calum given he slated me saying the exact same thing 22 hours ago.


I didn’t say anything wrong haha.

Nothing like what Aussie said :wink:


I said he’s injury prone and missed majority in 3 of his 5 seasons since joining the club and we can’t afford to offer him another contract and carry the 100k + wages for players like that. The only difference was when I said it everyone aside from a couple of people were acting all sentimental as it was right in the aftermath of the injury.


You silly bastard, how could you not realise that waiting an extra 17 hours would have made your opinion acceptable?!