Danny Welbeck (23)


I’m not saying it’s his fault, I’m just stating facts and to be successful in professional sports you have to be ruthless, Arsenal as a club haven’t been anywhere near ruthless enough.


Absolute fucking idiocy from Aussie there.

Really sad to see Welbeck suffer this. You can only hope it somehow isn’t as bad as it looks.


So gutted for him. I’ve always had a soft spot for him. Whatever you think of his footballing ability, I don’t imagine there are many people who dislike him. Really hope that’s not the last time we see him in an Arsenal shirt.


What does being injury prone have to do with being unlucky? Same kind of stuff was being said for Wilshere who got broken legs too.


I don’t dislike him and I think the injury is a shame. I’m just saying a tough decision will need to be made at seasons end, it’s likely that’s Danny’s last game for the club.


That’s the point with injury prone players isn’t it ? Watching it at the time it didn’t look to be much in it ? I was actually surprised when the oxygen came out and the stretcher was called.


Anyways best of luck with the recovery Danny, real shame the injury curse struck again as he was playing his role to perfection this season.


Could you not have just said that in the first place?


Yeah I probably should have…


injury is bad either badly twisted or totally broken, foot is the wrong way :frowning: will be out for many months probably the season


Any pics of the injury?
I bet most of you would bite Crystal Palace’s hand off for that 10m offer now, wouldn’t you? (does that come off as insensitive?, hmm.)
Nvm, https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article13559100.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_Arsenal-v-Sporting-Lisbon-UEFA-Europa-League-Group-E-Emirates-Stadium.jpg


yes check out the sun




Looks real bad.


Jesus. His face is how I feel just looking at that image. :anguished:


Poor guy :cry:

Get well soon


Poor bastard.

There is bad luck then this. End of any top level career now due to contract and 12-15 months out…

Gutted for him. Never stopped running and always gave 100%. Started to get some mojo as well then this season…

I wish him a speedy recovery - deserves it…


I always loved Dat Guy Welbz. Fack looks like he won’t be on a pitch for a very long time :cry::cry::cry::cry:


Just when he was starting to have an impact under Emery, this happens. Really really disappointed and sorry for him.

Wish him a speedy recovery.


Ouch! Season over, then. His bad luck just never ends.