Danny Welbeck (23)



you want a left back?


Seeing how he has improved under Emery, i wouldn’t get rid of him.


Isn’t he out of contract soon. Might as well get some cash an invest it in the team


If we’re only going to get 10m we might as well keep him.
He is more than good enough as a back up forward player, and is versatile.
We’re not going to get anything better for that sort of money.


I had similar thoughts on Ramsey but its Emerys squad now and he has to put his own mark on it. Never get anywhere at this rate. Have to let him bring in his own men and go with it.


Unless there is some youngster around that is ready for promotion perhaps? Costs nothing, is home grown etc. Not sure if there is one around that is ready ofc but I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Eddie (Nketiah).


Exactly. 20 mil or nothing.


Not worth selling, get more value out of him as a squad player than trying to sell. Would only sell if it means we get a better resource to replace.


As long as Aubameyang and Lacazette keep starting together we probably need to keep him here to make up for the numbers.


he broken his leg or something?


Yes looks like a fracture of lower leg

Or possibly a dislocated ankle, either way it’s bad


Big shame


Don’t keep him for this reason exactly, he’s never fit for long enough. Been injured as much as healthy in his 5 seasons at the club.


Feel sorry for him, he was having a good start to the season too under the new man.


Proper upset for him, that looks like a horrible injury. Can’t see him returning soon based on the pictures




Just stating facts mate, it’s true he’s been injured as much as healthy is it not ? Think 100k could be better spent on a squad player that’s more consistently healthy that’s all. It’s a shame for Danny and the team as he was playing rather well.


fuck out.


The guys just got a serious injury through no fault of his own. Have a bit of decency