Danny Welbeck (23)


I know a lot of people want Dat Guy gone and want to give his minutes to a youth player – I do get that line of thinking, but, if his wage demands aren’t high, I’d still like us to offer him a new contract. He’s an excellent squad player IMO. He’s useful, good work rate and you never hear of him complaining.

Maybe i’m just too sentimental, but I enjoy seeing him around the squad.


Over 100K a week on Welbeck is way too much tbh.

He’s very likeable, however, next year as usual he’ll be the resident donkey again.

Good squad player recently but it’s time to cut our losses, invest the the funds made available from Ramsey and Welbeck departures in some genuine wide options.


It’s weird but United could do with a player exactly like him right now. The irony is delicious


I’d too would prefer too keep Welbeck over Mkhitaryan, but one is out of contract and the other isn’t. Keeping them both is probably too much since I hope Arsenal will add another forward and this loan spell of Nelson is not for nothing.


Say you’re in my dad’s shoes. And you’re talking to his agent and it’s your call.

What would be the absolute limit of what you’d be willing to offer him in terms of weekly wages?


Had to re-read this ffs :joy:






Haha same. I was thinking “why would I be in your dad’s office?!”

He’s on £70k now, right? There are conflicting reports, but that seems to be the most popular number. I wouldn’t want to go too much above that. Keep it under £100k.


If 70k is right and we could keep it under 100 and he promises not to be shite and injured for the next four years then we should do it.


Hmm, I’d be more harsh.

For me, £50-60k would be my offer, cos I mean he won’t be getting offers from any bigger (or as big) clubs, surely.




What i’m I reading here? People think a new deal for Welbz is acceptable without a significant pay cut?

Tons of players out there who can offer what he does at a fraction of the expense. Sell in Jan, Massive pay cut or let him walk


i rather we move him on and give nelson his spot



I really thought it was 90 to 100ish, but I can’t back that up and cba to try to :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand the negativity towards Danny tbh
we’ve had a damn sight fucking worse who were hero worshipped .


Gonna have to ask you to back that statement up with some names.


How long have you got ?


Well I’m off to sleep now but I promise to read whatever amount of text you write in the morning.