Danny Welbeck (23)


Yeah looks like the club are probably making the right decision here.


Anyone got a picture of him with the captain’s armband on?

What a time to be alive!


Shite player, but his positive vibes and workhorse-like running makes up for most of him being shite tbh.


This ? :henry2:


Would bang tbh.


I bet he would like some irish cock tbh


Everything has it’s price. Anyway clubs usually offer a player around other clubs if they want to flog him. Did we? And if not why not?

Not flogging Alexis, Ramsey and Welbz earlier has seen us lose about 100m.


:cech: :henry2:


Its only our new system’s first full season. These ‘running the players contracts’ down will be a thing of the past as we are still transitioning. Will soon fade out and we’ll be run properly.


I think it is probably a bit more complex than just offering him around to be honest but I’ve obviously no idea whether a version of that happened or not.


There was also Wilshere as well.
I don’t understand that in a multi million pound industry like football, there are clubs like us that keep hold of a player, and sometimes not even use that player, and run their contracts down and allow another club to get them for nothing.

The player often gets a massive signing on fee, which the club could, and should, have had.

It’s not as if they don’t have enough time to sort it out, because the club knows when the contract is up so they should either get the player to sign, if they want to keep him, and if they don’t, or the player doesn’t want to sign, then we should get some money from him and buy a replacement.

The amount of money wasted on paying players that don’t want to be here, as well as the money thrown away because we don’t sell them early enough, is ridiculous.


I wanted Welbeck sold in the summer but I’ll give credit where it’s due, he’s been really useful this season. He’s performing as well as he as ever done in an Arsenal shirt.

However, he’s 28 next month and if we extend, I don’t want a 31 / 32 year old Welbeck in our squad in 3 or 4 years time.

It’s an ideal time to refresh the squad and coupled with his injury record, we should not give him a new contract which I imagine will be in excess of £100k/w.

Unless some desperate club comes in for him in January, we’ve unfortunately lost out on a transfer fee. However, that’s okay because he’ll pay us back in footballing terms by playing in the Europa League and keeping Auba / Laca fresh.


I think roughly any bottom-mid table club can easily afford to make him a stalwart signing of theirs. The promoted three get well in excess of £100M thrown their way on promotion iirc.

He’s putting in the performances at least and that’s all you want to see as a fan.


I’m glad these performances are increasing his value, because I still want him gone.


Danny Welbeck
Withdrawn from England squad with minor hamstring issue. Being assessed ahead of Leicester City (h) on Monday, October 22.



“Diplomatic injury” :henry2:. We have learnt the lesson.


Been good for us this season. Brilliant squad player.





Even :welbeck: is on :fire: under :unai:!


They all are, Luca.

Even Ramsey. For someone who looks for all the world like he’s leaving Arsenal, he’s got energy and effort levels akin to the 2013/14 season. While Ramsey may be desperately lacking end product, he’s not disinterested. That’s testament to Emery. ALL these guys look like they wanna play for him