Danny Welbeck (23)


with no wage increase? sure


A decrease ideally.

Hopefully he faces up and realises this is the best he will have it, at a big club.

He can take the money to play for some midtable team, but if he takes a pay cut, that will be great.


Fuck even considering the idea of extending his contract, just because he being better that his usual shit.

We have youngsters for whom the playing time would be much more beneficial than giving time to Welbeck.


True actually. That’s why only a paycut would have me happy about having him on board


Does Sturridge count as a third choice striker? :wenger:


Well no because its Firmino then Sturridge hah


I don’t understand all the part loathing towards Danny.
This kid is a good striker and certainly more than just a squad player. I’d certainly be more than happy to start with him up front.


Never understood the hate he gets either, more so this season as he isn’t our starting striker.


Every squad needs a Welbeck. Unless your’e United, Chelsea or City and can afford to have a 250k p/w alternative on the bench.


Sorry but he should be moved on. Are you guys forgetting how utterly hopeless he can be off the back of a few goals?

Two dodgy knees and would be seeking a raise on wages that are already considerable when weighed against his contribution. Should let him go for a pittance and invest the wages in a genuine wide player and that’s coming form someone that likes him.

The days of sweetheart deals should be over, he’s not a striker in any sense of the word.


I’m glad we’re moving him on, we know his level and he’s not reliable from a fitness perspective. Likeable chap and all, but his time is up. I’m still disappointed / surprised we couldn’t sell him in the summer.

Happy for us to promote Eddie or buy somebody else. It’s one of those squad positions which needs refreshing / new direction.


He will want big coin especially being an English player, personally rather we sell, surely we could find someone for considerably cheaper that’s just as good if not better ?


Think he is another player benefiting from Emery’s work. He looks very eager this season.


Not extending Welbeck and Ramsey means Arsenal needs to invest if only to have sufficient numbers. Obviously new signings can even be more shit, but I’m done with Welbeck and Ramsey to be honest.



It’s funny how all the other clubs sell their decent players but we let ours just run down their contracts and leave on a free.

I’m no economist but this doesn’t seem to be the best way to do business.


Did anyone bid for the players in question?

I’m no salesman but it strikes me that you can’t sell what people aren’t buying.


Again we have the clubs awful socialist wage structure to thank for that, hopefully we are starting to sort it out though.


We can’t ever know either way, but when you habitually see us in this situation more often than our rivals, the obvious inference is that we are doing something wrong.

Perhaps it’s a perception thing as I’m likely to be more critical / notice it more with our own players, but it’s a trend that goes back years.

The likeliest reasons are poor salesmanship, poor squad planning or Wenger’s wage structure, but whatever it is, we done fucked up somehow.


I don’t doubt it for a second.