Danny Welbeck (23)


All the top managers recognise his work rate. His best quality.


Get a real ox (not Oxlade), work harder, cheaper

I am sure thousands of thousands of kids that have better talents on the streets would like to work harder and will work harder, if work hard enough only can get you a job as a professional footballer.


maybe that’s the truck to get him to score.

But then typical celebration :arteta:


Welbeck 1 goal
Auba 0 goal

so far :hipster:


Seems like people are questioning Wele’s inclusion to the England squad and the exclusion of guys like Wilson and Deeney.
Firstly, Deeney is a ‘cojones’ merchant so he can fuck off. Wilson though maybe does deserve a look.


This is part of the shit of a September international break.

If Welbeck was good enough to make the England squad at the end of last season I’m not sure what he’s meant to have done to be not good enough 4 league games later.

And likewise, even though I’m a big fan of Wilson, 4 decent games shouldn’t be enough for players like him and Deeney to be thinking about making the squad.

Vardy, Sterling and Lallana dropped out but even then Sir Gareth didn’t want to include them so I don’t think it’s simply a case of Welbeck nicking their spots.


Noticed it a while ago but now I’m sure that Wele lost a yard. Certainly not as rapid as he used to. Reminds me of Lukaku, too much time to reach top speed. His acceleration went down the hill. Still fast enough tho.
His finishing has become really solid btw. His positioning as well. Giroud had that as well. His finishing in his last 1-2 years went levels above.


Certainly not convinced of this.


Current top scorer for the club this season


Danny Welbeck sign da ting?


Did his performance last night put him in the frame for a start against Watford at the weekend ?


Nope. 2 tap-in while being unmarked. He was average the rest of the game. Laca came on in the last 20 and was far more dangerous.

Edit: Okay, the header was more than a tap in, but it was still easier to score than miss


No, but fair play to him.


Is he the best third choice striker in the PL? I’d say so


People may giggle but I think there is more to that than people think. I like Welbs. You know what you get. Solid squad player who always gives 100%…

Needs the season fit though or out the door for me.


Danny is playing really well tbh.


Showing Aaron how to really play for a contract :welbeck:


Fair play to him he has a good mentality. Emery suits his work ethic and uses him well.


I love Welbeck. Sure, we all make fun of him from time to time. But you can’t fault his attitude or work rate. I would have absolutely no problem with offering him a new contract.

His part in that second goal was brilliant.


If he’ll accept a new contract at about half the cost it would be great to keep him…