Danny Welbeck (23)


Saw this thread and was hoping it was news of interest in him. Disappointed. :santi:




It’s amazing that players like Welbeck, with such limited ability, earn a fortune playing for Europe’s elite clubs when they should be at mid table, or even lower clubs.


Hopefully Walcott can convince him to join Everton :grinning:


Only after we’re stuck with him for significant period… really hope he is one of the departures this window…


He’s probably towards the end of a few PL club’s ‘list’.

Let’s hope a few clubs get desperate closer to the deadline


Even because with Auba, Laca, Mkhi, Ozil and maybe Perez been given another chance, he has no space here anymore.


Welbz is our new LB :sunglasses:


Would genuinely feel better about Welbeck at lb than up top.


He has the stats for scoring of a left back so maybe that is where he should have been utilised since he went professional.


Left back in the dressing room?


My word who have we let manage this club!?


I’m very sad that @AbouCuellar actually called it :poldi:


Could make a lethal RB tho. Has all the attributes to make a half decent one. Hise shite first touch would be less of a problem as fullback imo


It could be a benefit. When he overhits it 10 yards after trying to control it he’ll have the room to actually go and get it rather than give away a goal kick.


I actually think he would make a good wingback he is hard working defends well etc but as a forward he is fucking shit his stats are appalling and is not useful to the team. Also at the same time Emery aint gonna go to the press ‘yeah we tried to bin this fucker off but no one would take his stupid ass so we are stuck with him’


When you are supposed a striker/wide player and your coach put you as LB…
it shows how shit you really are.


“Left back”? Well, he can defend well to be a striker, tbh :mustafi:


Tbf he said he’d play as a defensive LW, but if Welbeck plays as a LB, that would surely be an offensive decision lol.

I like that all seemingly shite players are having resurrections of their careers at fullback :arteta:

Worked with Ox might as well try it here.


As a player I like him much more than others here. You know what you get. A versatile forward slash wideman who will chase and run tireless, harry and chip in with goals here and there. In England colours and when he gets a run of games he can be a usefull squad player.

BUT he is another sick note a la wilshire. Goodwill aside (and less so than with Jack!) HE HAS TO GO!!!


Flog him asap abroad and give one the youngsters the chance.