Danny Welbeck (23)


If Walcott went for 20m, then Welbeck has to be worth at least that.
He has played for two of the biggest clubs in the PL, he is still fairly young, he is versatile and hard working and if it weren’t for Kane, he would probably playing for England a lot more.

That’s what I’m telling the Everton board when I e-mail them Welbeck’s CV anyway :grinning:


Really hope Welbeck leaves and we get the bonus of recouping 20 million quid or something.


We seriously need to sell. £20m now or £0 in 12 months

As for Welbeck he’s a decent option for a non top 6 club. He stretches play with his pace and is one of the best defenders from the front around. And he’s homegrown, which we all know doubles any transfer fee. He’s also younger than Theo/Giroud so worth more in years of playing time ahead of him.


Don’t think Walcott had 11 months left on his contract tho. 15M is the max we’ll get imo


Chamberlin did and he went for 35m


He did, however, he actually has upside and hasn’t recently had two major knee injuries


Right and Welbz won’t goto a top 6 club or for £35m but he could start for many none top 6 clubs and any fee will reflect that.


Top transfer news of Arsenal this summer…

Welbeck leaving!!!

I am waiting for the 2nd best news to be happened also… a team pay us 30m for Iwobi.


Who will be our 3rd choice striker?


Akpom :smile:


Probably Nketiah.


Still have Lucas Perez too

Or Giroud, when he returns from prison


I would have said Monreal

But he is second choice.


Wrong question, pal.

Welbeck is never really a striker.
He is a defensive wide player.


you holding him hostage in your dungeon?


Lucas Perez. :wink:


Is he genuinely looking likely to be sold, or is this just crappy rumours at this point?


Yes. He’s tied up – he’s quite into bondage.


I’m surprised West Ham aren’t interested.
They have bought quite a few of our attacking players before, and if Arnautavic leaves, he would be a good replacement.
Also he would be able to join his other Arsenal and England team mate, Wilshere.


Remember when Welbeck scored a hattrick against some Turkish team in the CL groups and everyone lost their nut haha